Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Warm Thank You

I just wanted to check in quickly to extend a heartfelt thank you to you all for your kind words regarding my news last week.

Slow and Steady

You commented on the blog, emailed me directly, mentioned it on Ravelry, called the shop, and some of you even visited the shop- thank you for being such supportive people. It means the world to me, and my man.

The peony tree at the shop- Drop. Dead. GORGEOUS!

While it is indeed a pretty exciting time, less than two weeks into this process I am seeing how this whole wedding planning business is going to cut into my knitting time significantly. Oh the horror! I see why some knitters elope.

Price tag? 35 cents.

Us seasoned knitters know however that there is always time for socks- no matter what this wedding prep demands of us.

Are you feeling some wedding socks the way I'm feeling some wedding socks?

No one wants cold feet on their wedding day.


Pumpkin said...

There is always time for socks! This process might be stressful but imagine how much it will all pay off! You are going to have an amazing wedding.

Anonymous said...

I have that pamphlet!! And socks are a must - can you persuade your fiancee to wear matching pink ones?