Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seriously Lynn???

I had a week off recently and thought that I'd be oh-so-clever and get cracking on some Christmas gifts. I raided my stash, pulled some fun sock yarn from the deep depths and got rolling.

Much to my amazement, a pair was completed.

Cute enough.


Look closer.

I panicked, concerned that my knitting had become so inconsistent I couldn't even get socks to match anymore. Had I knit one before I had completely wound down from work that it was that much tighter? One sock representing my state of mind at the beginning of holidays... and one at the end?

HAH! No. (This realization was a bigger relief than you know!) It was just me getting bored with this project and itching like mad to start something new. I ended the second sock an entire repeat before the other (making it three fat stripes shorter).

Aiaiai...I am not convinced that my holiday did what it was supposed to.

I think it just made me even more daft than I was going into it.

Peaches anyone?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lions, and Garter and Lace- OH MY!

Well I'll be... Do I look overly pleased with myself or WHAT!?!?!? I mean really, it's just ridiculous! Not only is it a million degrees outside and I'm wearing long sleeves and a scarf/shawl, I am smiling so big it looks like my lips are going to disappear!

And why is that? You ask.

Because I have used up yarn that has been staring at me for over a year from my bookshelf, AND because I was able to use that yarn not only on garter stitch (I love me some decent garter!), but LACE also! I often worry that my brain is rotting because I knit so darned many plain-jane socks, that it feels MIGHTY good to have popped some lace off the needles. It is nothing epic mind you, but it feels rather good none the less.

Can't you tell?

You want the deets? I'll give you the deets.
Pattern- Milkweek by Laura Chau (available for purchase through her site)
Yarn- Cadenza by Estelle- 1 skein! Love that.
Needles- 3.5 mm, but I think I'd bump it up to a 3.75 next time around (I must have been stressed... SO TIGHT!)
Fun factor- It's fun. Believe me. It's fun. HELLO! It's garter stitch and LACE! Together at LAST!
And lastly, look at what a dear friend recently gifted to me!

May this act as a gentle reminder to me each and every day.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Summer Tiiiiiime...

And the living is easy

Fish are jumpin'

And the cotton is... being crocheted!

Mandarin Petite cotton that is! Into a sweet little chevron patterned baby blanket.

And while that's all happening, the tomatoes are ripening.

And there are sweeeeeeeet blooms everywhere.

This sure beats working with that heavy mohair/wool blend yarn from last summer! Aiaiai... What exactly was I thinking???
In this hot, hot heat... I'll stick to the Mandarin, merci!