Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are You Ready?

Must I really clarify what I'm taking about? Come on now... I don't know about you, but I have my kitschy William and Kate coffee mug all washed and ready for tomorrow morning- bright and early! Of COURSE I'm getting up early to watch!

Yup. We had a British themed party at my parents on the weekend. And it wasn't because of the Royal Wedding... I'll reveal why soon. 

And OF COURSE I have some plain-jane socks to work on (I suspect that I shouldn't challenge myself too much in the knitting department at that hour).

 But if you're keen to knit something Royalty-related... here's a knitted corgi to satisfy that hankering.

The pattern? It's right here.

I hope you're staying dry in this oh-so-London-ish weather.

Whether or not you are loving the dampness, my parent's pet duck Clark is on Cloud 9.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Colourful Zigs and Zags

It's Good Friday... and how 'good' it is! And that's becaaaaause... I finished a project that has been 'on-the-go' for almost a year now (admittedly, it took a 'time out' on my basement floor for a number of months... but no matter- it's done!

Doesn't it just feel SO darned good to finish something? Especially because now, I can go downstairs and cast on about fourteen new projects (did you not know that's how it works in my house?).

This started out as a store sample last summer when my Mom and I fell in love with it on the back of a Sandnesgarn Mandarin Baby book (so no, I can't take credit for the colour scheme, as much as I would love to).

Since I tend to crochet a touch more than my Mom does, I was elected to make it for the shop.

Now that it's all said and done (and ends woven in), it almost makes me want to go out and get myself pregnant.

BUT, I won't. I'll hold off.

It's just that... I absolutely adore this blanket. And I want to carry it around with me everywhere I go. If I were to just carry around a blanket however, people might whisper. If I had a baby in my arms however, they would gush over the baby and (hopefully) the blanket. (I'm just so selfish... aren't I?)

Stairway to Crochet 

Deeeetaaaails (ugh details?) Just kidding. I love details.

Pattern- Crocheted Zig Zag Blanket from Sandnesgarn Mandarin Baby book 0906
Hook Size- 3 mm
Yarn- 10 balls of Mandarin Petit cotton in the following colours
Pink (4505)- 2 balls

Ecru (1002)- 2 balls
Pale Pink (4301)- 1 ball
Yellow (2003)- 1 ball
Orange (2708)- 1 ball
Light Green (8514)- 1 ball
Green (8143)- 1 ball
Teal (6855)- 1 ball

Buuuuut... to make your life easier, we just might have kits at the shop. (Awwwww yeeeeeah).

Reasons to love?

It's light and airy, but little baby fingers won't get caught in the zigs and zags.

It's also massively huge and will work wonderfully as a crib blanket (or so I'm told by all the baby mamas out there) coming in at a whopping 37" x 40".

It's 100% cotton, making it breathable, washable and au so naturelle...

It also left me with enough little bits and pieces of yarn to leave my neighbourhood birds a little Easter treat for their dwellings.

And as for my dwelling, I have a co-ordinating wreath.

Joyeuses Paques everyone!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Morning Has Broken

So dear readers, I present to you the shawl/scarf/wrap that I had originally intended to present to you last week but I was happily distracted by Kersti's handy-work. (Note- it's the same blasted denim shirt).

Last December, a dear friend of mine sifted through my queue on Ravelry and 'gifted' me this pattern (I didn't even know you could do that! Did you?) I logged on one brisk morning and there was a happy message waiting for me that said, "You have been gifted this pattern!" Oh the sweetness... How fun! I can't thank her enough.

While I was bustling around the shop recently, I stopped dead in my tracks and decided that I had to cast on my gifted pattern, in this yarn. We have been stocking this yarn for about three years now (meaning to say that it isn't exactly 'new'), but for some insane reason, it's taken me this long to cast something on with it.

Now that I have knit with it I wonder where exactly I score on the 'lunatic-scale'. What took me so long!?!?!?

Every stitch was a pleasure and every row, a treat.

The yarn? Shibui Sock.
Four skeins total.
Two skeins of the shade 'Honey' and two skeins of the shade 'Peacock' (which appears to be discontinued judging by the current online shadecard- WAAA!).

This is all that I had left.

The pattern?
Daybreak by Stephen West (available for purchase online).
I made the largest version but ran out of golden-honey yarn so I was unable to complete all of the 'ridges' at the edge of this shawl.
I'd say that the size is more-than-sufficient however.

3.25mm 80 cm Chiagoo circular needles.
I doooo love those Chiagoos.
The pattern calls for 3.5mm needles, and I found this set hanging out with all of my other 3.5mms... It wasn't until I was well into this project that I discovered I was in fact using smaller needles than called for.

Ah well.

Nobody got hurt.

And even if they did- Spring is here.

So buck up.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wooly Wedding

I have a very dear friend who is a very amazing florist (check it!) and she cruises wedding/flower blogs the way I cruise knitting blogs.

During one of her blog sessions, she stumbled upon this wedding held in Denver and naturally... thought of me.

I naturally thought of you.

While I don't want to start any rumours here... (there is no wedding in my near future if you're wondering), Isn't this just perfect? Yarn-y flowers, wooly centerpieces and crocheted candles?

HELLO! Nuts to getting married. I think I'll just throw a yarn-themed party! I can't wait a minute longer!

Check out the original post here.

And to those of you who are planning a wedding- may wool find it's way into your special day.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Dressed Up In My Denim

As you have likely noticed if you are a regular reader of this blog, I tend not to write much about other people's knitting. Believe me... I could, and I would have enough material for about 16 posts a day if I did. I am fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few who spends her 'work' days gushing over yarn and other people's creations. However... I feel as though for me to blog about these sorts of things is really not... 'my business'.

But, I must make an exception to my (seemingly loose) rule.

Bear with me here.

I marched into the shop today, all dressed up and ready to take some blog-worthy photos of a scarf/shawl that I just released from those nasty looking blocking wires. (Yes. This is me 'dressed-up'). HILARIOUS!

BUT, I had been mulling about my morning business for no more than 20 seconds when something caught my eye.

I promptly stripped myself of my handy-work only to throw on someone elses.

We have Kersti to thank for this one.

I loooove it. Too much. And while it's hers to keep, it's mine to have fond dreams of. It's mine to lust after when she's not looking (or working at the shop) and on those days that I decide to wear my oversized denim shirt (in some parts, clean denim really IS 'dressed up'- I swear), I just might even 'borrow it'. (Sort of like I did today as evidenced by this photo-documentary).

It even looks beautiful skeined!

Ah... the life cycle of yarn.

The story of this cowl? (Nope. It's not a scarf. It's a loooong scarf sewed together at both ends.)

4 skeins of Berroco Origami
Needles- Erm. I don't know. (I haven't even talked to Kersti about this fabulous finished project yet).
Pattern- Just rib those four skeins of Origami until you run out! Sew the ends together.

So, I'm thinking I'm due to knit one for myself in this colour. Jusy because... cleary, I'm in love.

And these are just because...

I feel like I should share something with you that I actually did make.

Bon appetit!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

You Know What's A Good Feeling?

Grafting the toe of a sock that has been sitting next to your knitting chair since late November....

I finished the knitting part of this project. I even finished (in it's entirety) the first sock. The second one just desperately needed a good ol' toe graft.

Needles- 2.5 mm

So yesterday, I managed to find a moment is my ram-packed schedule (pfft) and I got around to it.

And thank heavens too! Because it looks like I might need them for a liiiiitle while longer. Especially if I continue to hang out in places like this (much like I did last Sunday).

And you know what else gives me a good feeling?

Pink roses on an orange table cloth.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Dreams Can Come True

What I want to know is- where was I when this storm hit?

I'd better go check my rain barrel.