Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wrapped up in Some Cloudy Cotton

Inspired by a customer, this wrap came to be. They've been selling them in shops all over this country, for lotsa cash and we put our heads together and thought, "We could make that! Right?"

Of course we can.

Here it is.

A wrap made of superbly soft cotton, perfect for almost every season. I suppose it just depends on what you want to wear under it...

And the fun part?
The buttons.
I know that most knitters hate it when you FINALLY finish a project and the first thing that everyone comments on is the buttons, but in this case I feel it's alright.
The buttons are what makes it!
They are what set this stocking stitch rectangle apart from any other stocking stitch rectangle.
The buttons give you options, and I like options.

The yarn? Estelle's Cloud Cotton.
The needle? 5.5 mm.
The no-brainer factor? Oh! Entirely no brainer. You could do this while sleep walking.

Apologies that the model isn't a little more glam. She did the best that she could.

Monday, March 02, 2009

I had a Dream

And in it, all of my granny squares were molting.

Yup, they were leaving little granny square 'clusters' all over my house and I had to clean up after them.

I think it's time I put the hook on hold for a while.

Something is just not right...

Knitting content to follow.