Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November in Review

This past month has come and gone at a rapid-fast pace, and I felt that point form was the best way to catch up with my knitting blog buddies. I have for you both knitting, but mostly non-knitting news.

-I went to Florida and got a bit of a sunburn, making my skin peel. I also knit myself a sock.

-My precious parents celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss. A party was thrown, but more importanty- somebody amazing made an equally amazing cake (in honor of the amazing couple).

Anyone who knows my parents, knows how perfect this cake is.

-I became uber obsessed with hats. I made a couple, but have more than a couple on the needles currently. This will make for more blog content where you have to look at my face as I awkwardly wear the freshly knitted hat. Perhaps I should hold a casting call. Our model is getting a little stale.

-I turned 27. No big deal, but I did start using under eye cream. I'm told my time has come. Better watch it with those sun burns.

Thumbs up for a homemade-personalized-Grasshopper-Birthday-Pie!

- I rediscovered my lava lamp. Am I ever glad that I kept that thing in my parent's barn all those years! TOTALLY worth the storage space.

-I finished two pairs of socks in one week. This might be some sort of record for me and my DPNs.

-I discovered the 'Shellac' manicure- and I will never be the same.

 -I took someone's hand-knitted-sock virginity- and he will never be the same.

- I re-discovered my love for point form notes.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Because I'm 'Kool' Like That

Oh hello beautiful knitters/readers (I don't discriminate... if you can't knit, I suppose that you can still read a knitting blog). Here I am and believe it or not, I have knitting to show off to you. And much more to come! But before I get ahead of myself, I want to show off something recent.

It's... a hat.

And... it's a colour that I have never knit before.




Looks to me as though my neighbour is clearly up to no good. 

I must admit one small thing though... and that is that this yarn comes in a limited range of colour. Cream was pretty much the most 'vivid' option available but it's just so darned beautiful to knit with... that I care not! While this yarn's rainbow doesn't extend much past neutrals, I simply tell myself that I'm knitting the shade of some precious New Zealand sheep out there and then suddenly all is well with the world.

Why New Zealand you ask? Because that's where this yarn reigns from. Where the sheep are cream, charcoal, and various shades of brown. (In my New Zealand anyway...)

                                         Needles? 4mm for the brim, and 5mm for the main
        Pattern? Koolhaas Hat from my boyfriend Jared Flood over at Brooklyn Tweed (jealous much?)

It's a Chrismas gift, but I can't decide quite yet for who. I have made a list of possible recipents, I'll just see who treats me like gold for the next month and who doesn't.

And just in case you were wondering where I have been since I took off that sugar bag, here's a hint.

Baby trees and lizards anyone?

Friday, November 05, 2010

Only Because You Asked

Some of you have been inquiring so I thought I would oblige.


Instead of going as a baked good this year, I thought I'd go as an ingredient.

I am thinking next year... a stick of butter perhaps?