Thursday, December 17, 2009

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

My true love gave to us... a clean line of mini laundry!

Little alpaca sweaters to be exact.

Don't they just take your breath away?

I can't tell you the pattern, because our true love has secrets you know (as does everyone- so fair enough).

Each sweet little sweater is made out of a different colour of Drops Alpaca and each little sweater took one hour to make.

Is that true love, or what!?!?!?

I think I can find it in my heart to forgive that true love of mine for the computer virus.
This time around anyway...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the Third Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

A virus on my computer!

But on the bright side of things... that means that less computer time equals more knitting time.


Time for a new machine.

Monday, December 07, 2009

On the Second Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me... a cowl that only took three hours to make!

Hello people! The clock is ticking!
You could cast this on Christmas Eve and be done by the time Santa knocks on your chimney.
Heck! Make him one while you're at it! The man deserves a little hand knit warmth, wouldn't you say?

Wear it snuggled up around your neck...

Or popped up like a hood.

(You just might not want to wear a bun in your hair in order to avoid looking like you have a cone for a head.)

Even my roomate loved it.
He just BEGGED me to borrow it.

It just matches his eyes so beautifully, I didn't have the heart to say no.

The yarn? Punta Yarns MeriTwist, 3 skeins.
The pattern? Vogue Knitting Holiday Issue 2009
The needle? 9 mm. ZOOM! ZOOM!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

On the First Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me... A pair of mini Elf Boots!

Now- you've all seen these before, but I just had to go back to this pattern the other day. I absolutely love the pattern and the finished result.

As I have mentioned time and time again, there are no little 'elves' in my immediate family, (and my intense urges to knit for these non-existent people frankly scares the life out of me), but I can think of no more satisfying project than this!

How festive, how delicate, how absolutely whimsical.

Pattern? It's a re-visit from the Sock Summit. Sivia Harding's Blossom Dearies.
Yarn? 1 ball of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (with LOADS left over).
Needle? 3.5mm double points.

These mini boots have a place on my shelf over the holiday season, and will likely drive any male visitor out of my house in a flash, but that's ok.

Walk on.
I've got more Elf boots on the needles mister.