Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Heart You, Baby

My mom has had a baby blanket knit up in the shop as a sample since the beginning of Mary's Yarns time. It was knit by our very talented friend, the late Ellen Matheson and this blanket has been lovingly draped over the chair in the baby room for years.

While the blanket holds fond, fond memories for both my mom and I, I suspect that many customers have wondered why we have held onto it for so long. Our sample was knit out of an off white, sorta-scratchy, hand wash only, 100% wool, and I love it. In my perfect world, that's just what all babies would be swaddled in. There is simply nothing warmer! But... I realize that I am in the vast minority who think this way.

So, I felt as though it was time for an "update".

A "re-do".

But certainly not a "replacement".

So quite spontaneously, I cast on.

And much faster than I thought I would...

I then cast off.

I must confess that over the years, I have had my moments when I have thought this particular pattern to be a little bit "cheesy". Like... "Hearts? Really? Cutesy much?"

Those of you who have been to the shop and have seen my "heart scribbles" all over our handwritten signs, know that I love hearts just as much (if not more!) as the next person. But knitting hearts into a baby blanket seemed to be pushing it juuuuust a little.

But as more and more people around me start to have babies, I realize the significance of both this blanket, and this motif.

We knit blankets for new babies because we want to welcome them into this world with loads of warmth, and loads of love.

And what better way to do that, than with little knitted hearts?

Sometimes there are just no words to express how much you love someone.

So instead, you knit.

Some Lovey-Dovey Project Info

Pattern- Fiber Trends "The Heart Blanket" CH24 (we have copies at the shop)
Yarn- Four skeins of Butterfly Super 10 in shade 3925 "Lavender Ice", 100% mercerized cotton (we have this in the shop too)
Needles- 4.5mm, 80 cm Knitters Pride Symphonie Dreamz Interchangeable (which I LOVE, especially for someone who tends to only knit with Addi's!)
Mods- None whatsoever. I did JUST as the pattern told me to for the smaller of the two sizes. Had I shaved off one row of hearts however, I might have gotten away with a mere three skeins of yarn. But this time, I thought I would follow the rules.

Sorry. I should have smoothed out that wrinkle. This is sort of a terrible photo.
So while this blanket has no plans to go to any baby in particular, for the time being it will live nicely with the "original"- the one that has inspired countless knitters who have come into the shop to knit a little "love" into their project.

Happy end of summer knitters.

Whether you are thrilled to bid the hot, hot heat farewell, or are feeling rather down trodden about it all...

We inherited two apple trees with our new house. Apple sauce anyone?

 Remember that crisp nights means crisp apples! (And an excuse to pull out the hand knit socks again!)

So, dig in.