Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Has Almost Slipped By

Greetings long lost friends. I swear to you, that I think of you everyday. And everyday I think to myself "I really want to check in with those guys- see how summer is treating everybody." And then... the day slips away.

Agh, who am I kidding??? This entire summer has slipped away! Am I right?

While I find people who answer the question "How are you???" with "I have been SO busy" (who isn't busy!?!?!?) to be terribly boring, I must confess... that has been my answer as of late.

Things have been busy.

But in all of the best ways possible.

We bought an old house.

Closing Day
We are enjoying summer.

Echinacea at it's best

And I am trying my best to get in as much knitting as possible.

Knitting content coming soon.

Scout's honour.

But until then, I hope all of you have also been VERY busy this summer... with your knitting, of course.