Friday, November 25, 2011

Because He Is (Still) A Patient Man

I have happened to notice that the weather outside is getting... a little more frightful, and the fire a little more delightful. Since this is the case, I thought that I would finally once and for all give back the hat and scarf that I so lovingly knit my boyfriend last Christmas (who so lovingly 'lent' it to me for the shop... a year ago!)

Since no yarn shop should be without a mans hat however, I whipped off another one, in other colours, really just for my own personal knitting interest. (It's incredibly difficult to knit the same thing, in the same colour, twice!!! Which makes me wonder how I ever finish a pair of socks!?!?!)

The model? Same guy as last time- my cousin (yeeeah... we're related).

But this time, he's no longer looking for love. (Sorry ladies).

While this brown version of the hat suits my red head-ish cousin quite nicely, I long ago decided that this particular boy will never get another hat from my needles ever again.

Especially since I knit him one when we were about 14 years old (in navy Patons Classic Wool I recall) and not only does he not know where the hat went... he has absolutely no recollection of me ever knitting him a hat.

While he might be all smiles and charm, he has been forever blacklisted from my 'To Knit For' list.
And let me tell you, I take that list very seriously.

Pattern? Churchmouse Yarns and Tea Pressed Rib Hat and Muffler (I added an extra inch to the depth of the hat again to cover up those cold ear lobes).
Yarn? Two balls of beautiful, beautiful Zara.
Needles? 4mm circular and double points.

And now that I have returned the hat and scarf, I can forever say 'good bye' to that blasted acrylic Pittsburg Steelers toque that the dear boyfriend has insisted on wearing... in protest?

HA! Wishful thinking Lynn.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

London- See You in Ten

So today is my birthday and I'm a mere 28 years old (having a Grandma who is 90 makes me realize that 28 is just that- a 'mere' 28 years old) .

While in London last week, I made sure that I got myself on the London Eye (best city view ever invented). After taking the obligatory touristy shot I realized... that I had the exact same photo of me already.

Only 10 years ago.

Yes, 18 year old me did love to accessorize.

Guess I know where I'll be spending my 38th birthday.

Time certainly does fly when you're having fun.

Here's to another 10 years of knitting (and accessorizing).

Friday, November 18, 2011

Keeping It Real (Warm) in London Town

Lucky me has just arrived home from spending a week in London with my bitsy sister Emma. (She moved there the weekend of the Royal Wedding and has no immediate plans to come home- after my week with her, I can see why).

In an attempt to be the least offensive house guest I can be, I thought I'd kick off our week together 'in style' by presenting her with one of the mega-chunky-cowls that I just can't seem to get enough of. (Don't believe me??? Click here and here for some pretty solid evidence).

And so I have for you, a photo essay of us in London, with our cowls.

(Yeah... we're totally huge losers for wearing the same cowl in the same city on the same day... but since she's a waaaay faster walker than me -note the height difference-, I don't think that anyone noticed as we were rarely seen side by side).

We have 'turtle necks' alright!

 How about a round of 'Name that Bridge'?

Emma at Borough Market (our keens eyes sadly didn't spot our favorite chef shopping for ingredients on Saturday morning- BOO!)

Emma giving me a lesson in how to lock her fancy blue door. (She's the safest she'll ever be inside of that flat, let me tell you!)

Glamour shot on the Millenium Bridge.

Dumb tourist shot in front of St. Paul's Cathedral (just moments before we saw Mayor Boris trot by in a fancy red and gold carriage).

Emma enjoying her chorizo sandwich after strolling the Columbia Road flower market.

And myself doing... much the same.

Need a hostess gift?

Look no further my friends.

This chunky cowl has got you covered.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Goliath? I Have Your Sock

Driving back from Collingwood two weekends ago, I was sitting in the passenger seat knitting away and enjoying the lovely scenery. (I had a gift certificate to this place, and finally got to use it. Even if you aren't lucky enough to have a gift certificate, you must go now. Or at least add it to your Christmas list!) Seemingly, I was enjoying my knitting so much, that I neglected to look down the entire time we were cruising and I found myself with a massive sock.

Not just a 'Whoa! That's a big sock! Maybe I can get my brother to shimmy it up his foot and make it work!' sock.

More like a 'Holy smokes. Where's Goliath when you need him?' kind of sock.

I looked online to see what this sock measurement equals in terms of men's shoe sizes.

Apparently, it's a size men's US 14.5.

Is it just me...

 Yarn- Mountain Colors Crazy Foot

Or am I the only one blushing here?

That sock looks a little obscene if you ask me.