Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Very 'Mary' Post

Ms. Mary has been rather busy lately. Knitting wedding gifts, taking care of her ever-growing barnyard family... It's all been captured on camera and I'm here to share with you.

First- the important stuff.
The knitting.

A beautiful afghan.
This is a wedding gift for some friends of the family. Done on 8mm needles, it flew faster than a fighter jet. And the pattern was just complicated enough to keep it interesting, but not so much that she pulled patches of hair out while working on it.
It was 'delightful' to knit, she reports.

The pattern? Cabin Fever's 'The Eden Afghan'.
Yarn? A discontinued Lang yarn called 'Naimo' that's 50% merino, 50% alpaca.
We've decided that Alfa would be a fabulous substitute.
Needles- 8 mm.

And for those of you keeping track of her adventures in egg farming, I present to you her latest batch of hens. These babies are far better behaved than the other crew. So far anyway...

Did anyone happen to spot the write-up in the latest Vogue Knitting for 'knitted hen sweaters'?
I'm thinking this posse needs to be outfitted.

OH! But there's more! Allow my sister Emma to introduce to you the baby ducks.
I went up to visit them last weekend and the last time I held a little duck in my arms was in grade four when my class hatched duck eggs in the back of the room.

Man they're messy, but oh-so-sweet!

Chickens peck. Ducks don't.

AND-Ducks eat algae, and chickens don't. If they eat the algae, then all the fish in the pond can continue to live.

I swear there are reasons to this madness.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello Tulips, and Goodbye Yarn

When I arrived at the shop yesterday morning, this is what I saw.

Isn't Spring just the most exciting season of them all??? I can barely contain myself.

Then, when I arrived home at my place yesterday evening, THIS is the first thing I saw.

Cats are bad.

And I have too much yarn.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Most Boring Knitter of the Year

Why? Because I wasn't even knitting for a while. I had a project that bombed so bad that it made me want to run off and be a deep sea diver. Fortunately though, that feeling only lasted about 10 minutes. (FYI-10 minutes of no knitting, can feel like an eternity). You know that feeling though? When you've spent hours on a project, only to have it come out like something from... er, the inside of a cat? Yeah. That's pretty much what happened. BUT- as always, granny squares saved the day and I got over my funk.

Too bad it makes for painfully boring blogging.

Fortunately for me though, I have wonderful people around me that make things that actually turn out. Check it! Cute baby shrug. I suppose it's hard to see that it's a shrug without a baby actually IN the shrug, but that's what this is. UGH! I want one. (A shrug, not a baby- right now anyway).

The yarn? Cascade Luna.
The knitter? Christine.
The pattern? Knitting Pure and Simple Baby Shrug #288.

In just a few short weeks, some little hip baby will be strolling through the tulip garden in one wicked outfit. I have faith.

Oh, and yeah. I have been cranking out several things that aren't square, and aren't crocheted. I promise. You just wait and see! I'll show you!