Thursday, May 10, 2012

Love The One You're With

I was listening to Brenda Dayne's podcast 'Cast On' last week, and she was conducting an interview with a yarn shop owner in the States. At one point in the interview she asked the shop owner 'So, what's your favorite yarn?' (SUCH a good question!) to which the shop owner replied 'Whatever yarn I'm working with'.

Well, you know what knitters? I get it.

I totally and completely get this lady. And not just because we both have a key to a yarn shop on our keyrings, but because as I was knitting away on my boring-plain-old black socks while listening to that podcast, I found myself thinking  'Holy smokes. This is absolutely my favorite yarn in the world to knit with ever'.

My current love- Waikiwi by Natually Yarns

Last week, my favorite yarn was a variagated cotton.

Next week it's going to be a teal green worsted weight wool.

I feel like I'm a kid again, when my 'best friend' changed more often than I changed my underpants.

Pincushion Proteas Please

Opportunities to knit seem fleeting in this short lifetime my friends, so be sure that whatever yarn you have on those needles of yours- it's love.


Lynn Farintosh said...

So very wise for your young years.

Renee said...

Wow, I never realised how promiscious yarn loving can be, but I totally agree. I also immediately fall in love with whatever yarn comes in the mail when I order online, it's not too good for the WIP pile, though!

ms.tee.kay said...

i second that - also loving the looks of that pattern, is knitspot? :)

Triona said...

Hah, I know what you mean. But I have the additional problem of my love turning to hate whenever I'm near the end of a big project. Then I start thinking, "Holy cats, I'm never knitting with (laceweight)(bulky weight)(scratchy wool)(wool that's too soft)(cotton)(loosely spun yarn)(tightly spun yarn) again!"

And then I always do...