Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Giant Ball of Yarn?

Rolling through San Francisco?

Yes please!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Because Amy is 'Kool' Like That

Remember this? I knit a hat, I loved every stitch, but my head is too big. (As is every head in my family).

So, I decided it had to be sent to a well loved individual.

Meet Amy. A fabulous nurse, and a stellar friend. I met this woman when we were about 8 years old at camp, and our paths just kept crossing after that.

This dear girl has recently embarked on an already impressive knitting career of her own, so I felt that it was appropriate that she have a hand knit hat of her own. You know... it's a kind of 'evangelism' amongst knitters.

Stranger- "Ooooooh. I love your hat. Where did you get it?"
Person wearing handknit hat- "Thaaaaanks. I made it/someone made it for me."

Now if that won't get the world knitting- what will?

For those that missed the previous post about this creation, here are the details.

Pattern- Koolhaas by Jared Flood
Yarn- Naturally Harmony 10 ply
Needles- 4mm (brim) and 5mm (crown) 50 cm circulars

Oh, and in case you were wondering.

Yes. We were doing a photo shoot in the Sears parking lot.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who Said Wreaths Are Just for Christmas Anyway?

My mom has an Aunt named Helen who lives in North Bay and knits bitsy sweaters by the dozen. Not for babies, not even really for dolls. Just... because she wants to. And why not? When you've raised five kids who all managed to grow up into respectable adults, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Right?

Her daughter (my mom's cousin and my namesake), started to get her creative thought juices flowing when she realized just how many of them there actually were piling up in her mother's condo.

Well those thought juices were sweet because dear Cousin Lynn came up with a brilliant way to put some of those bitsy sweaters to good use.

One might want to make note that Cousin Lynn is actually the Queen of all things home decor.

And the best part? She surprised us by popping it in the mail for us! Well, actually- for my mom (since it was sent to her house, and not the shop), but I am going to take part ownership anyway. Joint custody perhaps?

And the cutest thing about this creation? Cousin Lynn designated a sweater to each one of my family members.
See the tags?


Funny... my 'wreath sweater' is in exactly the colour scheme I have on today. 

Hello french knots, blanket stitched cuffs and buttoned collars! I'm in loooooove with those little details.

And the yarn? Bits of sock yarn. Aunt Helen won't dip into a new ball of yarn for these creations, she'll just use up odds and ends. (If you have any scraps kicking around, we'll gladly send it up to North Bay for you and be sure they get put to good use).

And if you should happen to want to go on a bitsy-sweater-binge, I don't have this particular pattern (I don't even think that Aunt Helen does- she's just pretty clever), but I do have this to offer.

Feel free to embellish as you choose.

And remember all those pretty flowers that I finished my posts with last summer?

Well, this is what they looked like yesterday.

Stay warm dear knitters.

I would hate for this to happen to you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Knitting Attacks

I have been listening to The Knitmore Girls regularly for quite some time now. In this delightful podcast, there is a segment titled 'When Knitting Attacks'.

I must admit to not only enjoying this segment, but actually ADORING it. Not so much becuase I take pleasure in their knitting catastrophes, but because it makes me feel sooooo much better about my own.

Which brings me to this sweater pictured below.

We recieved six boxes of Berroco yarns over at the shop about two weeks ago. As always, I snagged a bag of something I loved (in this case is was Berroco Glint) and instead of returning the bag unused a few days later (which would mean that I hadn't necessarily fallen out of love with the yarn, simply talked some sense into myself), I cast on this sweater in green.

I ploughed through the back in only a number of days and enjoyed every stitch. I decided to take some liberties with the pattern and make some changes to the shaping.

Silly me...

I cast off last night only to discover that I have the back of a sweater that not only covers my back, but wraps around my front as well. (No, I will not post pictures. It makes me too depressed). Maybe I should cut armholes in the sides and make a cardigan? I'm at a loss. Actually... I'm not really. I know exactly what I need to do.


Fortuntely for me, I love the yarn enough that I am going to cast on the front and learn from my mistakes. Then return to the back afterwards. I think it just needs to take a time out for a bit while I deal with it's better half.

And so, I share with you pictures that make the yarn and the pattern pretty, only so that I can come back to this post and remember what I fell in love with in the first place.

Because if I don't do that... this girl will never have a green sparkly sweater. 

Heaven forbid!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Even Tea Gets Cold

I have been knitting a lot lately. And it feels goooooood. Finishing up gifts (the boyfriend scarf just needs to be blocked), starting Spring (GASP!) sweaters for me and whipping through samples for the shop (sorta, kinda... don't get too excited to see them the next time you're visiting me there though. They might disappoint).

What popped off the needles most recently? you ask.

A tea cozy. Because at this time of year, we're not the only ones who need a little extra warmth.

I must confess that I am a little embarassed about who this is for, and when it was actually supposed to be given to them. Brace yourself, because if you thought that not having a Christmas gift done by this point in the year was bad... how about this for tardy knitting?

My dear friend Liz and her man Daryl got married on OCTOBER 2nd!!! That was... over 3 months ago! Christmas was only 3 weeks ago! (Doesn't it seem like forever ago though???)

As of October 2nd, I had the teapot, I had something to tuck into the teapot (I will be sure to leave a little note so that it doesn't get soaked in 100 degree water), and I had the body of this tea cozy made.

But for some reason... it took me 3 months to knit two i-cords.

Aiaiai... I tell myself that at least by this point, they have hopefully had a chance to find spots in their apartment to house all of their other gifts. Besides... I was waiting until tea drinking weather was in full swing.
Or at least, tea cozy weather was in full swing.

Besides, aren't you technically allowed one full year to give the happy couple their gift according to wedding etiquette? (Much like they are allowed one full year to write their thank-yous?)

I was just giving them a chance to get ahead on their thank you note writing.

The pattern? Kuryon Cozy by Emma Crew from
The yarn? Noro Kureyon- 2 balls
The needles? 4.5 mm double points and straights
The teapot? William Ashley Gourmet Shop. They have loads of super colours and it set me back only about $25.00.

Speaking of gift-giving. Remember these? Well the recipient also bloggity-blog-blogs.

My knitting is travelling all over cyberland these days it would seem.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Operation: Cheer The Place Up

So apparently yesterday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year- the third Monday in January.

Maybe this will help you beat those winter blues.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Trip to The Bermuda Triangle Via Denmark

Remember how I said that I was knitting to my work-out tunes and watching long movies just to get through those projects around Christmas time? Well this project my dear knitterly people, is what I was casting off as I was watching the final credits roll of The Great Escape.

This project I absolutely HAD to finish no matter what. Why? Because it was for my Mom, and I have given that poor woman more half-finished projects than I can count. I wanted to at least once in my life give her something that wasn't still on the needles. I am sure she is finding it rather tiresome that every holiday she gets just one sock, half of a scarf, or a promisary note wrapped up for her with my name on it. There was no question that I absolutely had to finish this.

So, I did.

Wearing scarves runs in my family.

What is it? The Bermuda Shawl by Ilga Leja
What did I knit it with? Kauni Effektgarn that I picked up on a family trip to Denmark 2 years ago.
What needles? Now you're asking me too many questions.
The model? My lovely cousin Nora who looks stellar in this. My mom was being camera shy- but I'll let her get away with it this time. She had just finished cooking a meal for 28 people. (And no, it wasn't Christmas. It was January 2nd. Who wants to cook for that many people on January 2nd???)

And the tag? It's hard to see, but is says 'Made With Love'. Cheesy? Maybe.
But true? Absolutely.

As for the boyfriend... his gift is still on the needles.
I'll have it done in time for next Christmas.


Friday, January 07, 2011

By Golly, She Likes It!

It's over. My tree is away, my presents have been presented and I was spoiled completely rotten myself. It's sort of a depressing feeling- isn't it?

I had a wonderful holiday (as I hope that you did too) although I didn't get through as much knitting as I had hoped (isn't that always the way?).

BUT- I have some posts for you that are mostly photos of gifts given.

And to top it all off??? You must recognize this project- and maybe even this person? Depends how long I've known you.

Here you have it.

My sister.


Stunning Emma... 

Who actually seems to love the cowl. (Her giant fake grin might not that express that, but the fact that this cowl stayed looped around her neck the entire holiday does).

Thaaaat's better. 

I know I've told you once, but there is nothing wrong with telling you again.

Patterns- Welted Cowl by John Brinegar, Vogue Knitting Holiday 2010
Yarn- Harmony 10 ply by Naturally
Needles- 5 mm needles Chiaogoo Red

Even the cat begged to be enveloped in this cowl. (I swear!)

This colour was just perfect for Harvey to not let him give it a try.

So the moral of the story here is that sometimes, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Too bad I'm usually just such a know it all.