Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Vest in July

What would I do without everyone at the shop to knit for me! Well... I shouldn't say that. I do PLENTY of knitting, I just have a tendency not to ever finish anything. It's a bad habit. I'm trying to break it. It's not going to be easy though.

So, I present to you a beautiful vest made by the wonderful Kersti out of Mountain Colors, "Twizzle". Ugh. So lovely! I wish you could touch it through the screen of your computer! No joke.

Don't believe me?
Fibre content= 85% merino, 15% silk.
Now do you believe me?
Thought so.

That's me doing my best "knitted vest model" pose.
Not bad eh? The hand on the hip thing?

That's me sort of giving up.

Let's just look at the vest instead.
Shall we?

Pattern- Now and Then Cozy Vest (by Mountain Colors)
Yarn- 3 skeins of Mountain Color Twizzle (with muchos left over)
Size- Medium
Needle Size- uhhhh... I'm not sure. I didn't knit it. I just blogged it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where are all the Pictures Lynn?

Alright- here we are. My first ever picture-less post.
I promise not to make a habit of this.
As boring as this may all look on the surface, trust me for a moment.
I have a link for you.
Where will it take you??? You ask.

I did a little spring green baby set for Estelle Designs in the winter out of their heavenly Cloud Cotton (what I am currently crocheting on and on and on with). It entirely slipped my mind to take pictures of it, and now it's out of my hands, and up on their website- pattern and all! Right smack-dab there on their homepage.

Take a peek.

I'm in the midst of doing another one. I promise that I'll take pictures of that one.
Promise, promise, promise.
This 'pictureless' thing shall not be repeated.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunny Sundays of Summer

Beautiful weather and looooovely people made my past Sunday one worth documenting. Our yard/driveway at the shop was transformed into a wonderful yarn dying haven.

Dear Christine lead us all in a workshop and beautiful things were created.
So beautiful in fact that a dog walker walking by asked if we were dying wool to sell for the week.
That's how beautiful it was.
(Imagine we actually did it that way?!?!?!)

I, of course, appreciated how people dyed yarn to match their outfits. Did they even realize they were doing that?
This tank top/sock yarn combo made me want to whip out my morraccas and throw on a grass skirt for a little 'number'.

I think that few words are needed here.
You get the idea.
We dyed this beautiful stuff.

All of it.

And in a crockpot?
Did you even know you could do that?

If you ask me... that looks far more delicious than beef stew.

Look out Fleece Artist.
Here we come.

(Thanks to Pam for all of the wonderful photos! Your skills indeed far surpass mine in that department! Merci!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a Colourful Week it Was

Last week I couldn't feel too sorry for myself. I was surrounded by the most visually appealing things ever.
To start?
The clematis outside the shop. Don't you just want to throw yourself into this wall of purple?
I fortunately managed to refrain.

Some beautiful Shetland Fingering weight yarn by Elemental Affects.
The whole colour range (you know how I feel about colour).
I carried that rack around the store (inside and out) just so that it didn't stray too far from my line of vision.

Shibui Knits Sock yarn- not just for socks of course!
I have my heart set on casting on some of this glorious yarn ASAP.
It's like... butter.
Colourful butter.

We managed to colour some yarn of our own this weekend at the shop as we had our dying workshop on Sunday. Photos... to follow. We had one heckuva good time.
Stay tuned.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Can I Crochet on this Thing?

You won't stop reading if I do? Will you?
I'm telling you, I don't know what has come over me. I have been crocheting like the world is going to end if I stop. Ugh. I'm "hooked".

You know what this is?
Nope. Not a dozen and a half uncooked burger patties...
It's the beginnings of my crochet.

A pile of delicious granny squares.

What's the plan with all of these you ask?


Only multiplied by about eight.

I just can't help myself.
I really want a huge bedspread that puts delightful thoughts of lasagne in my head as I drift off to sleep at night.
Why not?

The yarn? Estelle Cloud Cotton. (and 'cloud-like' it is!)
Hook size? 5mm.
Fun factor? Too much fun. It has dipped into my knitting time entirely, and I don't resent it one bit.
That's major.

And just to warn you- the crocheting doesn't stop there.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Striped Socks will Never go out of Style

I really believe that. As long as we knitters keep knitting them, they will be as stylish as can be.

Who doesn't love to catch a glimpse of some knitter's (or knitter's loved one's) striped socks as they cross their legs on the bus?
Oh sigh...

I adore knitting them, and wearing them.

I especially love knitting them when there's aloe and jojoba oil in the yarn! Sheesh. So nice.
A manicure while knitting, a pedicure while wearing.


Yarn? Austermann, Step Sock Yarn. 75% wool/ 25% nylon. Colour # 29.
Needles? 2.5mm
Pattern? The one in my head.