Friday, May 30, 2014

With Thanks

Some of you read this blog because you're a long time friend. Some of you just happened to stumble upon it while browsing the net one day (and miraculously, keep coming back, despite my sporadic posting!) and some of you came across it all thanks to Mary's Yarns, the shop that my mom and I have run for the past twelve years together.

For those of you who found me on the net, then you are probably the least likely to know the latest news of my knitting/ professional life. As for the rest of you... I suspect that you already know what I am about to say. So feel free to just look at the pictures if you please.

The most recent news in my yarn filled world is that after much thought and countless hours of consideration, we have decided to wrap things up at Mary's Yarns.

We are going to close up shop. Pack it in. Move on to new and exciting adventures (the jury is out on what those are just yet... but we'll keep you posted).

Obviously, this wasn't an easy decision... Not in the least. It was one that required much thought and many tears. You can even ask my poor husband who I am quite sure stopped noticing my dramatic sobs into my salad at the dinner table- the crying was just THAT frequent.

But once the news was made public, it felt like the right thing to do.

The biggest surprise through all of this? The absolutely amazing outpouring of support from friends, family and customers. Everyone has been simply wonderful, and while it would seem as though this good thing has come to an end, I would argue that it was all very well worth it.

To those of you who have shopped at the store, worked at the store, sold yarn to us to fill our shelves at the store, inspired us with your projects, laughed with us and cried with us- we thank you. To the moon and back, with huge thanks. There really are no words. Even for someone like me, who usually can't shut up.

As for what comes next, we are both going to go ahead and just enjoy the summer and catch up on some of the amazing emails and notes that have been sent our way. My husband and I have a big garden that is calling my name, and I also happen to have a LOT of yarn that has been patiently waiting for me.

So while the shop will be no more, this blog will be. And hopefully even more so! I enjoy writing about my knitting, and hope that for the next little while, I just might find myself with a little more time to do so. You can also expect some snapshots of food, the garden and a wee bit travel. But mostly- knitting. As we all know that knitting is my main squeeze (and always will be).

Behind the counter with Mother Mary on my wedding day
 So stay tuned my friends, or not. It's up to you.

But while I have always made a point of not making the blog about the specifics of the shop so as not to exclude any readers, I think you will be happy with what lies ahead.

Thank you to ALL of you once again who have been wonderful to us and supported us over the years. There really are no words...which might be why it has taken me to so long to write to you.

You're the best.

With much love.