Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Keeping Baby Cozy

Remember back in the warmer months when I made these?

Well, here we are in late November- the PERFECT time to slip on some mini-mukluks (if you happen to be lucky enough to have feet that teensy).

And look who happened to be wearing hers?

Not only that- this baby chick was decked out in ALL things knitted. A hat, a vest, and mukluks!

How cozy does she look!?!?!?
What a special little outfit.

So I feel as though this answers the question that customers ask me on a regular basis- "Do moms still put their wee babes in knitted things?"

The answer- 'Yes ma'am. And sometimes- more than one thing at a time.'

What toasty-warm people babies must be.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

So I did Use that Degree Afterall

A fact about Lynn- Once a week she buys a tray of cupcakes from the grocery store (the kind that are so sweet they hurt your teeth when you bite into them- well, Kersti and my mom's teeth anyway). She lives alone and cupcakes just stay fresh longer as they are wrapped up all tightly in their sweet layer of icing and precious little wrapper.

Another fact about Lynn- In 2007 she completed a degree in Costume Studies at Dalhousie University.

Put those two fun facts together and this is what you get (with a little encouragement of course).

I fully understand if you mistake me for a sundae (the icing proportions are a little off), but you get the gist,-right?

A cherry for good measure of course.

And a metallic wrapper to keep me fresh- (and mighty toasty!)

Oh, and the best part of the day? When you dress up like a pink cupcake, someone just might pull through and actually make you a tray of pink cupcakes.

Thanks Grandma!