Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knitting Stars

Have you ever met a celebrity, or even watched an interview with a star that you've been admiring for years, only to be entirely disappointed? You discover that maybe they're entirely full of themselves? Or they refuse to give you the time of day? Or you realize that they forgot their manners at the back door?

This past weekend my darling mother and I trekked down to TNNA, (The bi-annual trade show that we attend to pick up fabulous ideas, and products to bring back to YOU!) in Columbis, Ohio. The show floor was crawling with yarn shop owners from across the continent, suppliers, manufacturers and of course- knitting stars.

What I'm happy to report in regards to the stars that were there is that each and every one that we spoke to was an absolute delight. What a treat it was to talk to them all!

Two that stand out however? Read on dear knitter, read on.

First up- Cirilia Rose, creative director at Skacel, and designer of the ever popular patter 'Aidez' (a shop fave).

Not only does this girl know a thing or two about knitting, she was the first to speak to me... and the topic?!?!?!?

NAIL POLISH. This girl could have been smacking gum in my ear and picking her nose while talking to me and I still would have loved her (this of course was not the case- she was clearly raised to be polite to strangers). Anyone who opens a conversation about nail polish with me- it's love all over.

It doesn't hurt that her knitting and designing skills are top notch.

Next fave knitting celeb? The ever-so-gentlemanly Martin Storey. He signed a copy of his latest book for me and he was nothing but lovely. Really, really lovely. We all talked London, knitting and pattern writing- if only he had brought up nail polish, it would have been the definition of a perfect conversation.

This time, I'll cut the guy some slack.

Myself, Martin and Mom

So the trip was a success. Lots of yarn was bought for all of our favorite customers, and lots of catching up with old and new friends took place.

And after a busy weekend away, full of fun and fibre, we came home to this.

Ain't life grand?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bride Brain

I swore that it wouldn't happen to me. I swore that I wouldn't let a wedding take over my life, but it seems to have somehow done just that. I realize that most brides make a little personal promise to themselves that they won't let things get out of control, but they always do.

As much as I am enjoying the process (I do love to plan a good party!), I am a touch grumpy about how much time it is taking away from my knitting. Not only that, but also the brain power. I am having troubles stringing together a proper sentence it would seem, let alone knit anything beyond the basics.

I guess I could also blame the heat, but let's be real... it's the wedding. Not the flaming hot, hot heat that has recently ensconced the Greater Toronto Area. Because if it was the heat... I wouldn't be knitting what I am knitting at the moment.

Which leads me to my current project.


Garter stitch.

Miles and miles of beautiful alpaca garter stitch.

I cast on this garter stitch about two weeks ago as a solution to my bride brain problem. I wanted something that I could pick up and put down easily without much mental effort.  I can surf the web, read papers and chat on the phone, all whist clicking away.

My thoughts on this garter stitch project at about the halfway point however?

It's humbling.

Really humbling.

Because despite casting on what I considered to be one of the easiest projects on the planet, it's not perfect. It's really far from perfect in fact.

And something tells me it's not the bride brain that's causing this.

It's just the nature of the garter stitch beast.

So a big thumbs up to all you beginner knitters out there working on your first garter stitch project.

I have nothing but mad respect for you.

I promise you that stocking stitch is a heck of a lot more forgiving.

No word of a lie.