Friday, July 26, 2013

Snuggle Up, Baby

When my mom and I were down at TNNA together in June (the bi-annual trade show for yarn shop owners much like ourselves), we mosied on into the Appalachian Baby Knits booth, much like we do every year.

Each year we go into the booth, each year we hum and we haw over all of the beautiful kits and each year we decide to "leave it until next year".

But this year...we took the bait.

And we ordered.

A lot.

Maybe not as much as we could have... but enough to fill a few big boxes that arrived on our doorstep about a week ago.

As is often the case with buying at this show, we sometimes find ourselves getting SUPER excited about something on the show floor, but as soon we tear into the box once it arrives, it is something entirely different in that box that we simply cannot resist.

Funny how us knitters can change our tune as quickly as Mother Nature has been changing hers as of late. Isn't it?

I surprised myself however when I tore into those huge boxes, and went right to the exact same thing that drew me into their booth at the show.

The 'Snuggle Baby'.

Don't ask me why... but this baby spoke to me.

Was I possibly anticipating the arrival of my buddy Prince George when I cast this guy on???

There was simply no question in my mind that I had to make this baby a part of the hustle and bustle at the shop. Having the kits simply lovingly displayed simply wouldn't do.

We needed 'Baby' herself.

And as for the sad look on her face... it makes me smile.

So that's what I went for.

Should you be interested in welcoming a 'Snuggle Baby' into your family however, you can turn that frown upside down all you like.

Heck, you can even make it look like she's whistling for all I care! (Kudos to you if you manage that BTW... making a doll face is no easy task!)

Sweet, Sad, Snuggle Baby

Wee Babe Details
Pattern- Snuggle Baby by Chris de Longpre
Yarn- Brown Sheep Nature Spun
Needles- 4mm double pointed needles

But since we like to keep things as simple as possible during the hot, hot heat of July... why don't I just tell you that we have kits at the shop.


And speaking of shop...

Check out these hydrangeas that have been showing off at Mary's Yarns as of late.


To you, to the hydrangeas, and of course... to Baby.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Short and Sweet

It has been hot lately. And it seems as though everyone has little patience for much else other than iced tea and swimming pools.

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

I knit a baby bonnet. (This is the 'sweet' part)

And I love it.

Yarn- Canopy Worsted by the Fibre Company- 50% baby alpaca, 30% merino wool, 20% viscose in the shade "River Dolphin"
Needles- 4mm

Lilies in front of the shop

And this is the 'short' part.

Stay cool!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Knit Tags Anyone?

I recently went a little crazy with the crafting and starting stamping and punching out a ka-billion of these little tags for my hand knits.

Since it is no secret that this girl simply does not get through the amount of knitting she likes to pretend she does, there is no way on this God given green earth that she is going to use even a fraction of these tags on her own.

Not in this lifetime...

Not in fourteen of these lifetimes put together.

These photos confirm that I need to get a camera that is better than my stupid phone...
So I'm going to sell them. With the money going to a good place.

$8.00 for a package of 12 and 100% of the money goes to the Unionville Home Society- a place that has supported many individuals and families that have all supported our dear shop over the years.

Thanks for the mad photo taking skills sister!

So if you're interested, we have them available at Mary's Yarns, or you can purchase them right on this here darned blog. I will even throw in the shipping.

My wish for you is that you work your way through a package of these little tags far faster than I could ever dream.

Now, if you will all excuse me.

My knitting beckons.