Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spontaneous Projects Are Best

My mom and I have the same discussion every time one of us goes on a vacation. It goes a little something like this.

Mom-"Isn't it funny how as soon as you know that you're heading off on a trip, you obsess over what knitting projects you're bringing with you???"

Me- "Tell me about it. Who cares about what bathing suit I'll be wearing on the beach, I just want to know what I'll be knitting on the beach!" (I only have one bathing suit, so I guess that helps a little).

Mom- "What's weird though, is that it's the project you grab last minute as you're running out the door that you end up working on the whole trip- and loving!"

She's right... remember that acrylic baby sweater that I knit last summer while camping? I can't say it was a project that I had been dreaming of... I just wanted to knit with the confetti style yarn at the very last minute- so I did!

While I haven't been on vacation in the very recent past, when I have a day off without any commitments, I look forward to that day (full of knitting, of course!) as though it is a tropical week away.

This project, is a result of one of those days.

I was sitting in my recently assembled Ikea Poang chair, surrounded by yarn galore. In the midst of all the chaos, this one little ball spoke to me from the deep, dark depths of my stash. It's not a yarn that I had been thinking about, it's not even a project that I had been thinking about... But it spoke to me that day and I powered through this project like a house on fire.

It just goes to show you that often spontaneous knitting is the best kind of knitting. (It also goes to show you that yarn hoarding isn't such a bad thing- you just never know what wool will speak to you).

I bought two balls of this yarn many moons ago, and knit the first ball for my Mom for Christmas 2010. I decided to knit the second ball up for myself this time around. (I'm really just trying to freak out my siblings who are all dumb founded that I am slowing morphing in my mother- RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES!!! But let's be honest... who isn't!?!?!?)

So you ask, did I love this yarn any less the second time around?

Oh no... not at all. My ultimate #1 fave kind of yarn to knit with is...(are you ready for this?) scratchy, scratchy 100% wool.

You can keep your cashmere and baby alpaca. I want my wool that smells like it`s fresh off a sheep. (Uhm... this doesn`t mean I'd turn away any cashmere that you`re willing to offer up).

I'm just saying that if I was told I had to pick only one kind of yarn to knit with from now until the end of the world, scratchy wool would be it.

And you know what's so magical about scratchy wool like this??? A little bath in Eucalan and it transforms into the most beautiful fabric ever. Scratchy wool is beautiful to knit with, but not always so beautiful snuggled up against your neck. That of course, depends on the person however.

This scarf/shawl is exceptionally difficult to photograph I have found

Yarn-150 grams of Kauni Effektgarn
Pattern- Hitchhiker by Martina Behm (available for download for $3.80)
Needles- 3.25mm Addi Turbo
Mods- The pattern says to knit until 42 'peaks' have been completed. I just knit until I had used up every last inch of that 150 gram ball. I have yet to count the peaks I ended up with...

So, since the weather outside is far too beautiful to be enjoying my new scarf, I am taking some time to enjoy the peonies instead.

The shop is surrounded by them... and I just can't seem to stop snapping pictures- kind of like I'm on vacation!

I hope you had the good sense to plunk a peony plant in your garden at some point... and if not- get on it! It's too late for blooms this year I suspect, but you'll thank me next year.



Pumpkin said...

That little shawl is so nicely done. The yarn is perfect for it and it looks perfect on you. I also love the smell of 100% wool, nothing smells quite like it. It is definitely one of my favorite scents of all time.

Renee said...

Such pretty colours, well done! I must try a Hitchhiker soon, just waiting for the right yarn to come to me.

Tracy said...

Grey and purple together are gorgeous, it really suits you. I also like good old sturdy scratchy wool and it usually does soften up with a good dollop of conditioner! :)

Truly Myrtle said...

I loved your post - you're right about the holiday knitting, I'm already obsessing about what to take away... in AUGUST! And, I agree, often the things that you just have to do right now - that you've not thought of before, are the things you enjoy the best.
Your wrap is just lovely - I am to in love with soft squishy yarn at the moment to dip my toe back into scratchy - but the Loft yarn by Jared Flood is fairly rough and the colours are divine - so I am likely to be tempted very soon :)
I have peonies - they're hot pink but not quite out!

ms.tee.kay said...

It's so pretty - I love it :)

Unknown said...

I love the shawl it is amazing. I tried to take knitting on a family vacation once...But my family was like RAWR no Knitting