Monday, October 08, 2007

Silk Spun and Hats Galore

Oooohh La-La... What a wild past few days it has been. So much happening with knitting, birthdays, sales and Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving by the way). Things have been rather good around here. Good turkey, good squash and believe it or not... good corn. The corn is still good. Rare for this time of year...

So, the sale was a lovely success and what I was most tickled about was the response we got regarding the hats. So many hats were brought in that I just had a snap a shot of it. They are still hanging in the store and I just love them... I don't want to take them down... but people keep coming in asking if they can buy them. I hate to break their kind hearts with a 'No' but I must. When the cold weather rolls around they will be brought to the people that need them most. As for us knitters, we can just knit ourselves another one.

Now, it's kind of hard to take a decent shot of a window when sunshine is glowing through but you get the idea. See how festive we were?

Onto some knitting... this is nothing over-the-top but worth noting I think. I knit a Fleece Artist Silk Spun shawl and while ago and just never got around to posting it here... So, this is it.

Colourway? I'm not sure... I'm never quite sure with Fleece Artist as the shade cards always look vastly different from the actual final product. Fortunately, I do always love what knits up.
I knit it on a 7mm needles as she suggests 6mm, 7mm or 8mm. I naturally just knit with the first pair I came across.

I also think I will include a stunning picture of my little brother (well, not-so-little brother when standing next to me) modeling the silk scarf. We were in the comforts of our own home as he is rarely seen in public not wearing brown.

OH! And who is the scarf for? My Aunt. Who just turned 50. Next post will be about what I gave my Mom, who just turned 50 and turns out to be far smaller than I had originally thought. You know what that means when trying to knit for someone... Oi.