Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Sob Stories Have Happy Endings

Here is my sob story, short and sweet-

I am one of those knitters that tends to over pack when it comes to knitting projects while travelling. I always worry I am going to get bored, or change my mind, or that a project just might entirely bomb. My trip to Scandinavia was no exception. Not only did I need projects for the train rides, I also needed projects for the never ending flight. And lay over. And second flight.

I packed as though I wouldn't step into another yarn shop for the next three years.
This included in my carry-on.

I swear I had enough yarn and accessories with me to teach the whole plane how to knit.

And what do you think happened???
They confiscated three of my four pairs of Addi Turbo needles. (I might have lied a little and told them I only had three pairs).

Let me tell you, that I have been fortunate enough to travel lots since security has cracked down on what you can bring on the plane, and I have NEVER had a problem.
Until... this trip.
Let's just say that there were no on-board knitting lessons happening that day.

The good news?

They didn't take my crochet hook.
Or my sock needles.
My 4 pairs of sock needles.

So, I set to work crocheting and this is my happy ending.

This absolutely cheerful scarf.

By the time I got off the plane and had finished this scarf, I almost felt 100% better about having my precious needles taken away from me. ALMOST.

Want to know about the scarf?

Hook size- 4 mm.
Yarn/Pattern- It's a kit! From KnitWhits.
It's called the "Ella" scarf and we have some of the kits in the store. They have been tempting me for quite some time now but I wasn't sure if my crocheting skills were quite there.

Then when I knew I had numerous hours to sit in a chair with nothing to do other than work away at a challenging (well, for ME challenging) crochet project, I jumped at the chance.
Thank goodness I did! Because not much knitting would have happened due to my lack of needles.
Well... unless you want to count the four pairs of socks I had brought on board.

No, I don't travel light.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Scandinavia knows their Yarn

For those of you who regularly pop by the store, you know where we've been the past two weeks- in knitter's heaven.
Yup, Scandinavia.
Really- HEAVEN.
Land of Garnstudio.

We made it to about a dozen yarn shops total, through Copenhagen, Goteborg and Stockholm.
I unfortunately didn't write down the names of them all, but I wouldn't have been able to type them out anyway (let alone pronounce them) since I don't have those fancy crossed "O's" or dotted "A's" on my keyboard, although I am sure there is a way around that. Let's just say though, that we hit almost every one. That's a lot of yarn shops... And we thought Toronto had a lot?!?!?!

There were yarn shops at every corner, beautiful fibres and almost too much inspiration. When am I ever going to find the time to knit every single thing I fell in love with?
I guess that's just the life of a knitter.

While I confess I am not the greatest at documenting my travels through photos (I always swear I'll do better next time and never do), I have a few photos to share. Brace yourself.

First off, you have GOT to get a load of this. Seriously.
If my mother had been Swedish, and lived in Stockholm, then this would be her shop.
See the name?
OH YES! It's our sister store. More like our identical twin sister store.
It's the Swedish Mary's Yarns!

I apologize for my photography skills here. Why I decided they should pose in front of the key store and not the yarn shop is beyond me. At least I got the sign... and the soaking wet skein of yarn that was hanging out front. Yes- it would pouring rain.

And here we see... the inside. Our family went for a nice long walk around the wet city while we browsed.
And browsed.
And browsed.

See how serious we get when we discuss our yarn preferences?

The shop owner was a delight and has a blog with lots of great ideas. If you don't speak Swedish (which is probably likely), it's still worth a look through.

We did buy lots of yarn to add to our enormous stash. When you're a knitter, that's the best kind of souvenir you could ask for.
More yarn.

I spent over a week in Stockholm and while strolling through the city a few days later one evening, I happened to stumble upon this.

Some Swedish "knitting graffiti"!
I couldn't resist.
There are clearly some hard core knitters in that city.

I tried to straighten it out on the pole so that you could get the full message, but this was the best I could do.

"World Wide Knit in Public Day" it says.
So, it really is a world-wide event. I thought someone just thought it would be a clever name. ;)

We did manage to get through some knitting as trains became a regular part of our trip.
Here I am knitting with some Danish merino on a little capelet that I saw done in a store that I just couldn't resist. Don't hold your breath to see me finish it through... I seemed to see something every day that I couldn't resist. I have a lot of knitting ahead of me folks...

I'll be back soon with pictures of our haul, and knitting that we managed to get through.
It's good to back.
It's good to knit in my own couch, and no longer a hotel bed.