Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Colourful Cowl

I have a large number of projects that are THISCLOSE to making it to the finish line and since I am getting SOCLOSE, I didn't want to break my stride. So, I recently laid down a few ground rules for myself, in the hopes that I can keep this good thing I have got going.

One of those rules? No casting on anything new until a good batch of projects are officially off the needles.

I threw myself for a loop a few weeks back however, when I spontaneously cast on this cowl, breaking all the rules that I had recently laid out for myself.

Buuut, you know...

Breaking the rules from time to time is what keeps us all young and spritely.

Am I right?


The good thing about this cowl however? While I did end up straying from my plans to get through some projects... I managed to plough through this from beginning to end in less than a week.

So... I finished it- and doesn't that count for something?

It's no secret that I fall hard for projects like this one. The colours, the wee bit of technique and the small size of it (not to mention minimal finishing!) all just makes my needles dance with delight. I love it.

From start to finish, it was a ball.

Even if it is a touch too toasty to be sporting this outside...

There will always be some goof out there who has their AC blasting a touch too high for my taste.

Cowls and Sandals- Yah, sure...
Some details for all you colour-lovers out there

Pattern- Inspria Cowl by Graphica
Yarn- Classic Elite's Liberty Wool, 2 balls in one shade and 2 balls in another (4 balls total, 2 colour ways total)
Needles- 5mm, 60 cm Addi Turbo (always)
Mods- I noticed on Ravelry that everyone who has knit this cowl seems to have cast on a different number of stitches for this cowl, based on their yarn and needle choices. Based on other people's numbers, I came up with 162 stitches- and I'm still not sure how. But whatever the case may be, it worked.

I would like wall paper for my powder room like this please!

So there you have it.

One project completed and it feels amazing.

A lovely rose bush at my parent's place
Not so amazing however that I intend to return to my original plan.

In fact, I'm off to cast on something new.

Because as good as it feels to wrap up a project, one must not discount the thrill of casting one on.

PS- Thanks to all of you who chimed in regarding your preference for DPNs or circs. It gave this knitter lots to consider...So appreciated!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So, I have been experimenting with my sock knitting lately.

CRAZY. Right? So much for only knitting socks when I am sick and/or when I need to keep my hands out of mischief. PFFT!

While I am a very devoted user of double pointed needles, (as is a large chunk of our sock knitting customer base!), I thought I would switch it up.

Needles- Addi Turbo 2.5 mm, 80 cm (WHAT ELSE!?!?!?)
 So, Magic Loop it is.

All of you online people appear to favor this method, so I wanted to know what all of the fuss was about.

Initially? Rather awkward and annoying, but now that I am on the home stretch, it feels as though these socks are simply falling off the needles.

You people are onto something, and I am just a little late to the party.

What else is new?

Note- I am well past the heel and fast approaching the toe at this point. 


This leaves me in the midst of a somewhat of a moral dilemma. I feel as though I am not being faithful to an old friend or something! Those double pointed needles have served me oh so well...


Peonies Chez Moi
Is it double points or Magic Loop that makes your sock knitting sing?