Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just in the Nick of Time

Had I waited another day or two, this project would have been chucked in the basement to stay cool until the hot months are behind us once again. I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to heat... and this project isn't for a wussy like me. Sheesh.

BUT- I got my buns in gear and finished it up just in time. I'm so pleased. SO pleased. You have no idea. In fact, all those close to me are sick of hearing me ramble on and on and ooooonnnnnn about how much I love it. It actually inspired me to sew some curtains and cushions to match (they're still works in progress- but they're happening!)

The yarn? A Fleece Artist Kit called 'Northern Lights Blanket'.
The needle? 8 mm .
The cozy-factor? Off the charts.

I think I've decided love making blankets. No need to worry about fit, or shaping. They make perfect evening/trashy TV knitting! Admittedly, LOTS of trashy TV was consumed in the final days of this blanket.

And of course, every throw needs giant tassels! I tossed a bit of Louisa Harding's Sari Ribbon to make it a little bit more glam.

Tassels and sparkles... sounds like my idea of a perfect outfit- I mean, blanket.

And finally, a rose for you on this hot June day.

Should you happen to live in Toronto, take a drive/bike/stroll around Bloor West. The roses that have overtaken some of the bricks on buildings are worth causing a traffic accident over.

Off to drink more iced tea.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Little Baby Sweater

Even with no babies in my life in the foreseeable near future, I have a love of knitting wee things- clothing in particular. Such a good way to get a garment out of your system, without commiting to days and months of the same colour and stitch. You know?

I had a hankering to cast on February Lady, but was able to overcome that by knitting the original, baby version.

'What's the original?' You wonder. The Elizabeth Zimmerman 'Best Baby Sweater' that was originally published in Vogue Knitting in the 90's.

It can also be found in Zimmerman's 'Knitter's Almanac'.

Knit back and forth, top down, on two needles with only TWO balls of yarn.

YEOW! Two.
I used Naturally's Classic Prints- a DK weight 100% beautifully soft superwash wool.
(Shade #888)

SO- now that's out of my system, I can get back to my crocheted baby boots.

Crocheted boots would look dumb on me anyway.