Thursday, March 22, 2007

Need a Quick Gift?

Oh wow. I had no idea I had gone this long without blogging. I am currently in the midst of the last month of this degree. Surely you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
I must be perfectly honest with you... knitting hasn't been happening too much around "Chez Me". Just... a lot of reading.
BUT, I did manage to whip these off in a bit of tizzy, just in time to send them to a dear friend of mine for her birthday.

I love these mitts. They are from the Fleece Artist.
And they are the ever-so-lovely Soft Mitten Kit.
These colours looked somewhat watermelon-ish to me so I though I'd give 'em a whirl.
You can whip these babies off the needles in no time at all. So if you are ever in a pinch, this is your solution!
Now, I have knit a few pairs of these and I tend to make the cuffs longer as you are left with a lot of extra yarn so you can afford to do that. And I added the buttons just because... I love buttons.

Ok, I'll be back with more... when there is more.
Sorry about this.