Friday, March 20, 2015

Pessimist's Rainbow

Back in September, I found myself with a nasty bug, which left me laying helpless on the couch for a good week or so. After starting to feel a little bit 'down' from all of the daytime TV, and one seriously failed knitting project (a cowl that was SO huge, it stretched down past my toes- NO JOKE), I felt as thought it was worth pursuing some non-traditional forms of healing.

So naturally, I started cruising the web for some new sock yarn.

While browsing through literally hundreds (and hundreds!!!) of hand dyed yarn listings on Etsy, I stumbled upon one that had been aptly named "Pessimists's Rainbow" by White Birch Fiber Arts Studio. It is more than safe to say that this yarn 'had me at Hello'. Just the name  of this colourway alone and I would have bought it! But when I caught a glimpse of the colours! Oh my...

The yarn is a perfect combination of dreary grey/teal/blue/storm, with a dash of vivid rainbow. It perfectly mirrored exactly how I was feeling the day that I bought it- glum and dreary, but secretly happy about all of the knitting time I had found myself with, while flaked out on the couch (even if my project had turned out to be an utter failure).

Within less than a minute I had added the yarn to my virtual shopping cart, checked out, and received an email confirmation that my order was being processed.

All of a sudden, I was feeling much, much better.

The yarn arrived a few short days later, but I didn't cast on right away. Instead, the yarn sat next to my knitting chair for several months, so that I could admire it daily. 

I finally cast on while on vacation last month, and you could say that knitting these socks filled me with just as much joy as buying the yarn did. 

The moral of the story?

Buying new sock yarn is a perfectly reasonable cure for the common cold,

And finally getting around to knitting it up doesn't hurt either.

As if you needed another excuse to buy more...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Why, Hello There!

Greetings Knitters!

I am back... having been nowhere in particular, for over two months!!! I shall spare you my musings on my being busy blah, blah, blah... because honestly though, who isn't? Nothing makes for more boring conversation/blog reading than 'busy talk' anyway.

But let's just say that life has happened, it's all good, but I am glad to be back here on the blog.

Things may be a tad more hectic than when I spoke to you last (I am working full time once again, and YES!!! My job is yarn related! PHEW!) but I shall talk about all of that at a later date.

In the meantime, I just wanted to check in, and let you know that I am still knitting lots.


Well, here's a quick selfie to prove it.

What you can't see... is the fabulous faux fur pompom
from Mokuba that is perched atop this hat!

A hat/cowl combo that I made for myself as soon as the temperature took a real dive sometime in mid-January,

The hat was a pattern that I made up as I went, and it actually worked! (Believe me... it doesn't tend to!), using a yarn by Madelinetosh that was a BD gift from a dear friend.

The cowl is some super chunky wool by Americo, that I happened to pick up at Creative Yarns one evening after work, when all I really 'needed' was a set of needles. Funny how that happens... isn't it?

And so my friends, I hope that you are all well, and still knitting tonnes.

I shall touch base with you in a day or so.


Thank you for still being there! It means a lot.

And it is so nice to finally be back.