Sunday, April 27, 2008

Warm Sweaters in Warm Weather

Oh yes, it is so completely lovely out there these days. The warm weather has just made my knitting needles click even faster. I must confess though, this project popped off the needles a while ago- in fact months ago. I just never got around to taking photos of it so I lured my sister into doing it for me.

A lovely Fleece Artist 'moss green' Imogen kit.

I love this sweater. Every stitch of this sweater was completely heavenly to knit. I loved it. It's knit out of Fleece Artists's Alpaca Aran which is 35% alplaca and 65% wool. It was definitely love at first stitch.
I stupidly didn't ask sister-dearest to take any pictures of the back of it for me. In any case, you get the idea. Right?

As far as sweaters go, it's a super fast knit. So easy! It's a bit of a mind bender reading the pattern as it's not constructed in the traditional way (ie- back, front, sleeves, sew together). It's all done in one piece from side to side. No seams. No sewing. Just a lot of 'AHA!' moments. I'm a super visual person and had to just sit down and do it before really wrapping my mind around how it would all come together.
The result? I was pleased.

Yesterday we headed down to the Knitter's Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto. I stupidly left my camera... somwhere? and so I sadly wasn't able to take a picture of our booth. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces there! We had a splendid time, being surrounded by yarn and knitters all day. If you didn't make it down this year, mark it on the calendar for next!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Made by Mary

This lovely creation I cannot take credit for- but it was too good not to post here. I just can't knit fast enough to keep up with posts anyway so this is parfait!

How beautiful is this? Stunning.

What is it? The Angel Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark.

What yarn is it? Why the Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn in colour number 95.
It took exactly one ball, with a little ping-pong sized ball left over.

Who knit it? Mary (yup- my mom). This would probably be... her fourth (?) time knitting this shawl. She loves the pattern dearly and claims that it's really quite easy to get going on.

See the little angels clapping their wings above their heads?

There are little beads on the bottom of each point, in this instance they're all multi-coloured. Who doesn't love beads?

Also-who ever said stripes and lace wouldn't work together?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I wear Scarves in Spring

Spring has sprung. Thanks goodness. The warm weather doesn't stop me from making lovely little winter accessories though. Never.

What is it this time? It's Veronique Avery's Lace Ribbon Scarf from the most recent Knitty. Anyone that knows me knows that it takes VERY warm weather for me NOT to wear a scarf so I had to knit this lovely little one. It's so light and airy that it could be worn this time of year. Maybe that's just me?

(That's my sister. Thanks for being a model sister.)

After flipping through the new Knitty, I happened to notice right away that we carry the yarn they call for in the pattern. I quickly cast on. I was pretty excited and maybe didn't think it through so well before getting going that perhaps the colourway I chose was too wild to really show off the pattern. Nah well- I'm happy with it regardless.
It was a super fun knit and I'd do it again. In fact, I'd definately do it again. I have big plans for more of these babies.

Yarn? 1 skein of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox (I do like my scarfs super long though and next time I might just splurge and go for 2 skeins)
Colourway? Dandelion 1812
Needles? 3.25 mm

I shall leave you with the taste of Spring in your mouth as I head back down to the shop now. This is what's there waiting to greet me this morning.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Slinky Summer Tank

With winter having lasted so long, I felt that if I cast on a lovely little summer tank top that it might urge Spring to hurry up. It might have worked... The snow seems to be melting at a good rate and my top will be wearable in no time. I have faith. At least knitting passes the time until the decent weather does come along.

The yarn was a delight to knit with. Lana Grossa's "Messina". It's 70% rayon and 30% cotton. You could knit a ball gown out of this stuff the drape is so decent.

Here's some info you might want to know.
Needles? 4 mm
How many balls of yarn? 4 EXACTLY at 125m/ball for a longer version of size medium.
Pattern? A Marks and Kattens pattern which I altered slightly.
Exactly HOW did you alter? Oh, not much. I just made it longer (no one wants to see my naval) and made a split up the back so that I could do the buttons and button loops ala Rowan.

The pattern suggested putting ribbon on the inside of the straps so that they don't sag down to your stomach. I took the advice and am quite pleased with the look (even though no one will see it but me). I think next time I might even consider putting ribbon on the outside. Why not? Who doesn't love ribbon?