Thursday, February 11, 2010

Because Nobody is Perfect...

I tend to never really mind whether or not my socks match up.

You know? The self-striping ones? If I have a blue ankle on one and a pink ankle on the other, I'm not usually too concerned. They're stuffed into my boots anyway. I get my joy out of knitting the colours, not ending up with a matching pair of socks.

BUT- I gave myself a mini-challenge a while back when I decided to cast these guys on.
"Make a pair of socks that actually match Lynn- just to see if you can do it."

Not to mention, these socks will shortly be gifted to a man whom I care enough about that I don't want him to be embarassed to cross his legs only to have people say 'DUDE! What's going on with those socks!?!?!? You can buy socks in pairs you know!'

I was ridiculously ticked with myself when they in fact matched. I even bragged a little about it to customers and my mother (you know... those that would 'get it').

Until... I decided to pop in a DVD during the 'heel turn' and 'heel pick-up'.
It was clearly a good DVD as I might have cut that heel flap a row or two too short.

And now...I'm off by one row.


And that row happens to be CARAMEL COLOURED!

This picture reminds me of my Grandpa for some reason...
I was SO close.

Never been closer.

Why could it not have been an extra row of grey??? I SO could have gotten away with it.

Le sigh...

Well, this pair most definitely put me in my place.
Teach me to be proud... and brag.
Now, let's see if the recipient notices... If he does, I'm going to pop him one.
Yarn Deets?
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Sock Yarn.
Colour 8703.
I found this lonesome ball in the $10.00 sock yarn basket at the shop.
Yup... Even I shop the deals at Mary's.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Who Me? I'm Just Getting Warmed Up.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

It's less than one week before the Vancouver 2010 Olympics kick off. Did you miss the memo?


Hours of time will be spent sitting glued to our televisions watching women play hockey, men shoot down little hills on tobaggans the size of cell phones, boys and girls will be twirling around in lovely outfits with skates on ice... think of the knitting one could accomplish!

This wee photo captures my grand plans.

I want to make the sweater on the right... but with a bang trim and coloured contacts, I intend to look like the one on the left. (Who doesn't want to look like a Norwegian Olympic skiier/model?)

Not following? Not only are the Olympics about athletes from across this giant planet coming together to compete in their chosen sport, but it's also about knitters everywhere casting on during the opening ceremonies. Whatever it is they plan on casting on, they had also better plan on casting off by the time the closing ceremonies wrap. Some even plan on having it all sewn together and on their body by the time the closing ceremonies end!
As for me... I'm being realistic here. In a perfect world, I would have it on my body, but I would also probably have carpal tunnel and be suffering from severe fatigue.

I like to think I'll at least have all of the pieces knit, just not sewn together... HILARIOUS THOUGHT LYNN! I think that if I even get through the sleeves alone that will be a huge feat for me.
HECK! Knitting on only one project for two weeks STRAIGHT will be a huge feat for me!

So, the 'rules' indicate that you can 'warm up'- which I've done. You can swatch, and since I sort of don't love swatches (despite my recent success with them), I did a headband instead.
I figure that if the headband fits my head- the sweater will TOTALLY fit my body.

You have just GOTS to stretch. No one likes a pulled hamstring.

Babies, I'm going for the gold (or at least a new sweater to match my headband).

The sweater deets?
Yarn? Sandnesgarn Smart (in the same colours they are using- because I'm feeling boring like that)
Uhmmm... I don't have anymore details for you because I haven't knit it yet.

If you are interested in reading further regarding the knitting Olympics- click HERE. It sums it all up rather nicely.
See you at the opening ceremonies!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Houston, We Have a Sweater

Remeber this?

Remember how I acted all 'adult-like' for half a second in my life and actually SWATCHED??? (That was the same week I unloaded the dishwasher if you recall).

Well... I am here to tell you that the swatch paid off.

That half hour of my life that I will never get back in which I spent knitting a wee rectangle was TOTALLY worth it.


Because I actually made a sweater that fits AND that I wear. In fact... I finished this puppy (with the great moral support of several customers and loved ones out there) two weeks ago and wore it for an entire week straight. I had to bribe my cousin with sushi to take my photos in it before it started to actually look like sweater that gets worn every single day.

Nothing wrong with a well-loved sweater, but they don't always photograph all that well.

Without further ado- here is something to show you cats that I actually finish something bigger than a sock from time to time.

If you can't tell by my clenched fists, it was fridgedly freezing cold outside and I just wanted to be back inside my cozy little home- still wearing the sweater of course!

I promise I'm not flipping anyone the bird here. I'm pointing to... the beach.

But despite the cold, I'm pretty darned pleased with myself.

Does it show? And does it look like I'm being obnoxiously pleased with myself?

Because I think I sort of am.

Oh how good it feels to have a turquoise wool coat to call my own once again! I had to bid farewell to the last one as my years as a student carrying coffee from class to class left some rather nasty stains down the front. It was time for a replacement.

Thank goodness my days as a student are OVAH! 'Adults' like me don't spill coffee!!!

Huh. I seem to have misplaced my left leg in this shot.

I must say though- this sweater would still be on the needles in it's little bag had it not been for the support of my fellow knitters that participated in the knit-along at the shop. Six of us cast on together and we all finished (or are finishing) at various rates. How fun it is to see six sweaters from the same pattern come out looking so different from one another! So much so that one dear customer knit the thing TWICE! Two times! And the result was two very different sweaters.

The scoop?

Clasica Coat by Deborah Newton from Interweave Knits Fall 2009.

The yarn? Soft Spun by Cascade Yarns- 10 skeins for size medium.
Shade 2825.

The needles? 6 mm.

Thoughts on the pattern? Stick with the textured pattern stitch no matter frustrating it is at first- it proves itself to be super fab in the end.

Thoughts on the yarn? HELLO COLOUR! I just am such a sucker for vivid colours and this yarn delivers! It's... soft (hence he name) and it's pretty sweet bang-for-your-buckaroo.

Moral of this sweater story?

A swatch never hurt anyone.

It just might cut into your knitting time a wee bit.