Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Two Hoots For Handmade

As soon as a knitter (or 'maker' of any kind) hears the good news that a new baby is brewing, we start churning out baby stuff pronto. Well at least I do. In this particular case especially. I didn't waste one precious minute. It took me a good number of knitted baby projects before I felt I had landed on the right one. My sewing plans however made up for my knitting indecisiveness. This baby is a pretty special person, and only the best will do.
I have had this fabric in my stash for about three years now. I picked it up at the Creative Festival and despite the price tag, 25 year old me said to myself  "I'm sure I'll meet a baby worthy of this adorable fabric someday". 

Quilt tied with Sheldrige Farms Merino Sock Yarn
Fast forward a few years and sure enough, I was right. Not only am I about to meet a very worthy baby... but when something sits around in your stash long enough, you begin to forget that you ever paid for it, and it feels FREE! (Having said that however, I am pretty sure that you can't put a price on a handmade baby gift.)
So, I got to work piecing, stitching, tying and binding.

I like little sets of things. Or gifts that tell a story. And I wanted to make a whole little ensemble to go with this quilt. I made one attempt at this, but it was a sad lesson in "Lynn, no matter what you think, you don't remember the colours exactly so just bring in the darned fabric already!"

The tiger stripe sweater was originally intended for this babe. When paired with this blanket however, it looked absolutely vile. 'Vile' just won't do for this little person.

When I finally got over my stubborn self, I brought in the quilt top to the yarn shop and VOILA! A match in baby sweater/quilt set heaven was made.

Details for you and your favourite little person
Pattern- Striped Cardigan by Debbie Bliss, found in Baby Cashmerino Book 2
Yarn- Debbie Bliss Eco Baby (a 100% organic, fair trade cotton) 2 balls each in shade 14 and 26
Needles- 3.25mm and 3.5mm

All good stories need a good introduction- something to grab the reader. So because I tend to do things a little backwards around here, I'm going to show you how this little baby-gift-story-line of mine began.

The Village Grocer wins major points in the wrapping paper department

Hey Baby! We love you!


craftedlandscape said...

I love it!!! Lucky little person is already being spoiled! Looks gorgeous and perfectly fit for the little one.

ms.tee.kay said...

a perfect match! such a beautiful gift for a lucky little!

faye said...

I love that fabric, and the cardigan is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to making things for small people soon too :)