Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Socks Squared

Ok. So the title says "socks" and yes... there are plenty of those to come but I also knit myself this lovely little 'knitted helmet' and I feel as though you deserve a little looksie. It's from this website and it's called the Amelia Earhart Aviator cap. Whether I'll wear it on a regular basis has yet to be decided... but it was a hoot to make. One of those obsessive little projects that you whip through in one sitting and take breaks only for the bathroom and to make more tea. I knit it out of Scheepjes 'Donna' and I do love it. 50 wool/50 acrylic. Lovely. Just like this picture. (ahem)

Now, here are my first pair of socks for this post for you. They are the Monkey Socks from Knitty and I had a great time with them. Recognize the yarn? It's my Sweet Georgia yarn in 'Blue Fig'. Sadly, it's hard to see the pattern in these photos but it's the best that my camera can do at the moment. Please forgive moi. Notice how differently the colour in both came out? Funny. I love them though.

Here's another shot for you... with a cozy dust bunny hanging off of my left foot.

And here is another pair of socks that were sitting on my desk for over a month... just needing a second toe. I finally got to it and they're done. I did them out of Trekking XXL in colour 131.

Wanna play 'spot the dust bunny' with me?
Er, just kidding.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lynn did some dying.

So, I tried my hand at dying.
The result? Not quite as satisfying a final product as hoped, but a completely satisfying process, for sure.
I enjoyed it immensely. I did it last sunday evening and what a perfect project for a sunday.

I bought one of these Louet kits from The Loop a while back and finally got around to doing it.

I got myself the 'green' kit and was surprised to see that it didn't have various shades of green... but a deep blue, an olive green and a bright yellow. Now, I realize that together they are all 'greenish' but the website made it look to me like it was comprised of various shades of green. Well that is, before I had dyed the wool. Now, it makes sense.

So, I followed the instructions and squirted the blue dye on the wool first.
(please excuse the curious roomate in the background feeding George Bush his dinner)

And then followed the green.

And then, the yellow. (I'm using every ounce of maturity I have to refrain from making a very juvenile comment regarding what that bottle of dye looks like)

So... it was pretty insane looking.
Not the nice and tasteful green I had been hoping for to make myself a lovely lace scarf out of. I think now it's going to go towards some socks for someone. If I tell them that not only did I knit the socks... but also dyed the yarn... they will be forever impressed and not so frightened by the garishness of the colours.

Now in all fairness, I hung the yarn over my cupboard door so that I could stare at it everyday and now, a week later it has grown on me and I think I quite like it. It was just wildly colourful initially but now... it looks a little less loud.
I'm all for 'loud', but when it's not what you're going for, it can be a bit alarming.

See? Not so bad afterall. I would wear these socks.