Saturday, December 30, 2006

Home, sweet home.

So, I'm home.
I've been home for a while.
And it's been nice.
Oh how I enjoy the comforts of home while I am here.
Someone here (who could it be?) washes all the clean socks so thoroughly and properly, making sure that they are taken extra special care of.

It doesn't happen like that at school. Believe me.

Anyways, the comforts of home have been nice and I am sadly finding that I must begin to gear up for the trek back. Sigh... Sniff.
No more clean socks for me.

I had a lovely Christmas.
It was one filled with knitterly joy as much knitting was done and many knitted gifts were exchanged.
I shall show and I shall tell.

First though, things that weren't knitted... but that relate to knitting.
You'll see what I mean.


HOW NICE! It's a sock blocker. Clearly, I like to knit socks and clearly, this is something that every sock knitter would want to own someday... even if only in their wildest dreams.

OH WOW! I can't tell you how grown up I feel! I have my own WOODEN swift and wool winder. No more borrowing my mom's or relying on the shop owners to do it for me. I am so independent now, and cleary viewed as a responsible individual as it is WOOD and not just the nice orange plastic kind.

Now, as adult as I may be now, I am not a very organized one. These should help.

I must say, it's almost as though the giver of these nice gifts (that being the yarn shop owner of a mother I so luckily landed) wrote that post the Yarn Harlot posted on December 23rd regarding what to give a knitter for Christmas. Wouldn't you say?
Close anyway.

So, these lovely accessories were muchly appreciated and will surely aid me in future knitting endeavors. There were a few other nice little accessories tucked in as well including a "Knitting Pattern a Day" calendar.
Wishful thinking...

Not only did I get stuff to use in my projects... there were a few projects that were knit FOR me!!! It's true.
By, my mother dearest.

Fleece artist socks and Morehouse Merino Bearpaw mitts.
It just feels so good to wear socks that you didn't make yourself sometimes.
I gotta say.

So, I'm one happy/lucky/spoiled girl, I mean adult.
Not only because my mom wrote that book on "giving-gifts-to-knitters" but also because she has a yarn shop, which I have spent many hours loitering in. I just... love it. I'd take that over school any day.

Oh, one last thing you have to see.

Don't judge because it's crochet and this is a knitting blog... just admire the beauty of it.
A woman my grandma knows made it and my grandma bought it from her and so kindly gave it to me for Christmas.
I could drink those colours right up.
I'm telling you.
It has my name all over it.

Happy New Year to you.

Friday, December 15, 2006

By this time tomorrow...

By this time tomorrow, I will be standing in front of this wall with my head in one of these little cubbies, breathing deeply.


Because by this time tomorrow, I will be done my last exam, I will be back in Ontario and I will not feel the slightest bit bad about doing things like that.
Not one bit bad.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Where did these come from?

Honestly now... if one of you people were to say to me "Lynn, have you been knitting much lately?" I would response with a slightly sullen tone in my voice "Nooo.... (sniff) I've been writing crappy papers instead.(sob)"
But as I was digging through my bag after class today, I came across these.

I clearly made them as I do recall buying the yarn a while back at The Loop... but it's funny how all it takes is a string of student seminars and oh yeah...

(Watching all of these is considered "work" if you decide to take a film class.)
And so before I knew it, I had an almost finished pair of socks just my size to show for.
If only I had just one more paper to show for it too, then things would be lovely and I could knit in a far more conscious state.

Oh, and for those of you non-Nova-Scotians wondering what the weather is like out here at the moment, this is what greeted me as I walked out my door this afternoon.

How I love this city.
And all of its snowy whiteness.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Knitting Roadtrips

It's wednesday, I know. But let me tell you about my past weekend anyway.
Some knitting goodness occurred.
It started with this being delivered to my door.

A nice, nice gesture indeed, made by parents. (I'm a lucky woman, I know.)
The perfect way to start any kind of weekend, but a knitting filled weekend especially.

It continued with me hopping in my car with two near and dear knitter-friends of mine and having a nice little knitterly road-trip to Gaspereau Valley Fibres about... an hour outside of Halifax.
What a treat.
And the company I speak of? Even more of a treat than a slice of cheesecake. Like I said, near and dear.

Sheep, chickens, alpacas...
See for yourself.

And of course, tonnes of wool.
All in one beautiful wooden room.
Don't be concerned though. It's a wooden room with windows of course.
With a stunning view of the sheep, chickens and alpacas.

I must confess that I have lived in Nova Scotia for three and a half years now... and this was my first time going there. Why did I wait? I guess I just found enough in Halifax to keep me busy.
And now... after that trip... I will be busy until... well, at least until I graduate.
That's not to say that I won't indulge in one or two more little 'road trips' as such before the planned date of graduation. I just... have more than enough to keep me busy. (for now....)

So, here are the goods.

Some Briggs and Little for felted clogs (a stellar Christmas gift if I do say so myself).
Purchased by Meghan.

Some Mission Falls 1824 superwash wool for a little neck scarf.
Purchased by Meghan.

Some NEON WHITE Blue Sky Pure Cotton.
To make this sweet-as-a-treat 'mini-sweater'.
For me.
(How cool is neon white?!?!?! Sadly... you will have to just believe me though, as the picture does now want to cooperate.)

And I also found myself with some of this in my bag at the end of the day as we felt that a perfect way to end the perfect day would to be to swing by Tangled Skeins and pick up some yarn there.
Sweet Georiga Yarns.
In colourway Blue Fig.
I see... a pair of Pomatomous socks for me out that.
But for now, it shall adorn my houseplant/makeshift-knitterly-xmas-tree.

So, in short, that was my weekend.
Next weekend, I plan on knitting.
And hopefully... I will have some knitting to show you as you are probably growing weary of me showing you all the yarn that I WANT to knit with.
It's coming friends, it's coming.
I swear.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Being a 'Knitiot'

I have been knitting.
I have been knitting a lot actually.
I swear.
I also swear that once Christmas has passed us by, this blog will be far more interesting.
Unfortunately, I have been cranking out various versions of the same thing... for people that read this blog on a regular basis (or so they say).
Thus, it makes it difficult for me to show too many photos of these projects.
Unless... they don't mind that the surprise will be ruined on Christmas day.
What do you think?

I have been good in that I have actually been finishing some of these projects for other people for Christmas. I have been giving myself the 'thumbs up' all week long for that.
I did happen to pick up the new issue of Interweave Knits on the weekend though, and this has made it incredibly difficult to stay focused.
I am praying that I don't crack.
It's been hard though.

I lent my friend Meghan my most recent issues of various knitting magazines which she so kindly returned to me today.
As we were standing right in the middle of a walkway, in the middle of campus, in the middle of that little 10 minute break that people get to run from one end of campus to the other for their next class... Meghan and I stood and spoke of our future projects.
Her next dream project?
A beautiful cabled cardigan.
My next dream project?
Several beautiful colourful cardigans.
As I became more and more exasperated with myself for everything that I wanted to accomplish in so little time (not to mention the schoolwork that I so conveniently forget about from time to time)... I exclaimed "I'm such an idiot Meghan!!!"
She so kindly corrected me by saying "No Lynn... you're not. You're a 'knitiot'".
How right she is...
It made me feel far less bad about myself and my complete lack of focus.
I don't mind being called a 'knitiot'.
Not ever.
Come on! Hit me with your best shot.

Since I can't seem to show you any projects that I have been making really... I would be happy to show you a pile of wool/yarn that I have been using to knit some of these projects with.
Will that do?
Perhaps it's not quite as inspiring, but it's something.

There. A pile of wool.
Some has been used, some not. I suppose it gives you a bit of a sense of how far I have left to go until I am done my knitting for Christmas.
I suppose not really though. I could be knitting intricate lace evening gowns with it (riiiight...) or I could be knitting giant felted fishbowls with it.
You just never know...

Anyways, stay tuned for some more knitterly love.
I have a knitting related field trip planned for tomorrow with two other 'knitiots' and I shall tell you all about it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I'll get over it

It would unfortunately seem as though all of my knitting projects these days are causing my face to react in this sort of a way.

It's hard to make friends when that's what you look like.
I am trying my best to keep a smile on though and save this face for when no one is looking.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is just not working for me these days.
Even the simplest pair of socks are making me rip them back four times before they decide that it's not funny anymore and they are willing to cooperate. Clearly, they are not afraid of this face.
If only they were...

I broke my own rules the other day and decided to cast on that lovely lilac coloured yarn that I posted last time. I just couldn't resist. I had it sitting on my bedside table and it was just taunting me. So, I caved and did what I had been dreaming and blogging about doing. I cast on my Rusted Root and knit like I've never knit before.
I was completely enamoured with it, considering breaking all previous commitments I had made for the weekend in order to hibernate with it.
I was IN LOVE.
And then do you think I did?
I realized that I had messed up the lace. That'll teach me to have conversations with friends while trying to establish a new lace pattern.
It's yet another project to be ripped back.
I just can't bring myself to do it quite yet. Especially not after I tossed it on my bed in a fit of anger and saw how beautifully it looked with my scarf and jacket.
I felt my heart being ripped from my chest.
For now, it will sit on the needles, waiting to be ripped.

I did however manage to get these socks done though before my streak of disasters set in.

And I have also been cranking out more and more things to clean dishes and bodies with as little breaks between all of my failures.

The moral of my story today is 'don't try and knit for yourself when Christmas is looming'.

My meeting with Debbie Bliss was lovely and lovely is completely and absolutely the best word to describe it. I bet that she never makes ugly faces like me. After I met her I went home and prayed that in my next life, I come back as lovely as her and with an equally lovely line of my own yarns.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I have big plans

Due to the large number of papers and absurd flock of quizzes I seem to be ploughing through these days, my poor knitting is suffering.
I am starting to doubt that I am going to make this so-called "December 25th deadline" everyone seems to be chattering about.
Since I have no actual knitting to show, I shall show you what is GOING to be knit.

About two weeks ago, I took my little car over the bridge and bought this.

From here.

To make this.

All this Christmas knitting is making me greedy. I want to actually keep something that I knit holy smokes! Don't count on seeing this cast on though for... quite some time.
I'll let you know when the day comes.

Oh, and before I forget.
Do you have any idea who I am going to be eating cheese and sipping wine with on sunday?
Here's a hint.

Well aren't I posh?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Swell Enough Socks

You know Christmas is coming, and you know that school is getting busy when I start to crank out the socks. I am just ploughing through them... Some, admittedly are Christmas gifts which I suppose I will not post for now (maybe sneak them in a little later and pretend they're for me) but most of the socks coming off the needles these days, are for me.
I just had this overwhealming urge to spruce up my sock wardrobe a tad.
Now, don't get me wrong... I have plenty of wool socks. Handknit no less and I'll give you a glimpse of them someday... but not today dear friend. Not today.
Today is for my latest accomplishment out of this yarn. (this is kind of like a "Where's Waldo")

I have found myself drawn to far more subdued colours as of late.
I was always the first to gravitate towards the electric pink and shocking yellow sock yarns, but I have come to realize that when I wear those socks, I have to coordinate my whole outfit around, MY SOCKS.
That's crazy.
I know.
I feel like... I could be the only one that does that, but maybe I'm wrong.
In any case, when I saw sock yarn that was simply black and white, suggesting that I could be sporting zebra striped socks... I went bananas.
It's a more subdued sort of zany.
Black and white go with everything. But it's animal print.
I love.
It's probably just a phase though.
I'll be back in my hot pink socks in no time.

And here you have it.

In the meantime, I have been chugging along on some socks out of this yarn...

That currently look like this.

In regards to the comment that Helga left asking what exactly a "Daddy sweater" is... I came up with this.

"Daddy sweaters" are what our fathers wore when we were wee tykes and we associate these sweaters with them. Just because they wore them when we were wee tykes does not necessarily mean that they are out of style, they are just what our dad's wore. They're classic. Those sorts of sweaters were also worn by our mothers, our grandmothers, our aunts, our uncles... but we just call them "Daddy sweaters". What kids want to wear to "be more like dad". At least, that's the kind of sweater I was aiming for when I knit it for dear Maggie.

Kind of like when my brother was a kid and he had a toy car that loosely resembled this one.

It was referred to as his "Daddy car" although my dad has never owned a red car and at least in my brother's memory, has never driven one that really even looked like that. It was still his "Daddy car" none the less.
Come to think of it... I don't think my dad ever owned a sweater that even really looked like the one shown above either...
You get the point though.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Baby is in Brown

I marched on home to Ontario for the weekend from Halifax, Nova Scotia to see the loved ones, eat a decent turkey and not feel weird about loitering in a wool shop. My-oh-my am I ever glad I went. Weather was perfect... Turkey was divine... The company, always entertaining.
One little friend in particular.

Meet Maggie, in the "daddy sweater" that I knit for her before she even graced this dear earth. I had yet to see it on her and I am glad to see that it she is putting it to good use. It's that time of year when most everyone in Canada needs a "daddy sweater".
Please note the crispy leaves in which Maggie is posing in.

Yarn: Pingouin "Le Yarn".
Pattern: A King Cole pattern I've long since lost track of.

I was going to knit yet another pair of socks this evening, but I think that I have convinced myself that everyone really does need a "daddy sweater". I'd better cast on. I don't have one yet.

More on what I've been knitting recently soon, soon, soon.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope that your turkey, weather and company was as lovely a combination as mine.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Felt for feet

I had the best of intentions when I bought the Cascade 220 for these lovely and always reliable felted clogs last week. I was going to get started on those Christmas gifts that I have made a million mental notes of. I was going to be one step closer to being done. Make less stress for myself when the season rolls around. You know???
So, I knit the giant things...

And I felted them...

and then when I put them them on and my roomate exclaimed how they matched my outfit today perfectly, how could I honestly put them in "to gift" pile?

I mean really.
Of course they're for me. They were all along.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I've gotta block those blocks

I finally get this thing up and going and what do they do??? They take away my internet.
Well, at least it gave me a week of pure knitting and erm... school work?

So, here's the dirt. I started a blanket in the summer while working at my mom's shop Mary's Yarns in Unionville, Ontario. (Ok, so we may not have our own website yet but please bear with us. We're knitters. Not web-wizards.) We began what became informally known as "the block a month club" where we knit a square each month out of Manos del Uruguay, the goal being that in a year, each person would have a 12 square blanket. The pattern is the Four Seasons Throw and I just picked two colours... the two colours that just weren't moving from the shelves. Customers... I mean REALLY! Where IS your taste??? I think that this would look stunningly gorgeous in just about any living room, draped over the neon pink couch we all have in there. I quite truthfully am utterly thrilled that I landed these fantastic two colourways because believe me... one day, I WILL have a neon pink couch, and this blanket will look GREAT. You'll be sorry.

So, the blanket is actually knit in strips but to keep is easier to cart around with us, we decided to knit it in squares. This is what I have so far. 10 beautiful blocks in my stairwell.

I just got this sudden burst of energy to get this thing into the final stretch this week and so I cranked through 3 squares. I would love to have it done by Christmas and at this rate, it's most definately possible. I know I will indeed put off the sewing together of it for quite some time though. It's the knitting that I love! Not the sewing...
As I look at it though, I don't think that I will be getting to the sewing of it until Christmas anyways. One quick look at the next image and you will see why I desperately need to borrow my mother's blocking wires.

Wow. Yeah. I know. I am going to have to block the living you-know-what out of these blocks to make them all even. Well, I have faith. And if that doesn't work, I'll just have 12 zany cushions to give away for Christmas.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My dishes are gonna be soooo clean

Meet my new obsession.
I don't know what it is about these. These Mason Dixon dishcloths are addictive little things! Wow. Could it be that they can be whipped up in an evening? Could it be that they are terribly useful? Could it be that you can get the yarn is such phenomenal colours to spice up your otherwise plain-soft-green kitchen? Who knows!?!? But over the past few weeks I have been cranking these things out like dishwashers are going out of style.
They make great little gifts and are ever-so-useful.
I knit things in obsessive crazes and this appears to be one of them. My usual sock fetish seems to have subsided for the time being but I have faith that once the Christmas season rolls around, I will hop right back on that bandwagon.

So, having knit numerous, numerous dishcloths as of late, I decided to switch it up the other night. I just didn't want to stop knitting and at the end of the evening... I ended up with THIS.

See what I mean??? It's SO FUN. Ugh.
There is a significant size difference between this lovely creation and the above ones and it is...
SO handy! Wow. Just wow.

While strolling through a Value Village in Quebec City last summer, I stumbled across a fantastic bag of buttons for a whopping $1.99 and of COURSE splurged. What did I find in that little bag of buttons you ask??? This wonderful vintage creation.

I think that in this case, you may have to trust my word and not my camera on it... but it's just as wonderful and vintage-y as you had hoped. I'm sure of it.

So ladies and gentlemen, I think that I have found a use for that whopping bag of buttons.
Place your orders now.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Some of my creations...

Here are some pics of my most recent creations to get this knitting-blogging party started.
Much, much more to come.
Until then, happy knitting.