Wednesday, October 05, 2011

In Which We Must Thank the Sheep

This past weekend was the much loved Markham Fair. I make a point of going each and every year with my buddy Amy. We always end up stuffing our faces with Tiny Tom's donuts while we moan and groan about how adorable barn yard animals are and oogle the lovely quilts and knitting. (A big 'congrats' to all of the knitting winners out there!)

It just so happens that every year we go, it's absolutely freezing outside. It always feels like the first official 'cold' of Fall arrives the moment we step onto the fairgrounds. Since I am getting wiser with age (ha!), I planned ahead this year and made sure to knit myself an ultra warm accessory.

Sorry dude... I've got your wool.    

I even made a point of posing with the producers of the fibre. (Thanks guys!) I would have given my left foot for one of their fleeces that night had I not taken matters into my own hands.

But either way, I owe them a big thank you.
Info on cowl? Well... I've knit this cowl before, and I promise you I'll knit it again! This baby whips up in about as much time as it takes to go grocery shopping. (Now what would you rather do???)

Pattern- My Kind of Town Cowl by Trish Woodsen
Yarn- Cascade Magnum- 1 skein
Needles- 12.75 mm (SEE! I wasn't kidding when I said it knit up at warp speed)

I suggest you make one for yourself for the next time Markham Fair rolls around- you've got plenty of time to make a few of them actually... Oh heck- enter one in the fair if you really want. Just be sure you have one to wear when you go collect your prize winnings.

Speaking of entering things into the fair... here is a sampling of my Uncle's winnings- first prize tomoatoes! (There was also first prize peppers, watermelons...the list goes on!)

Oh Markham Fair...

I love you.

Even though you're colder than winter camping in February.


Anonymous said...

Those look like old fashioned postcards! Way to go lynn. I bet you didnt even use instagram either!
ps. I love that cowl!