Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nuts to Slow and Steady! I Need Some Instant Gratification!

I am at it again- more cowls that is! I just can't stop... And the best thing about this one? I was able to cast on, knit the thing, rip it out and re-knit it...ready for this?? ALL IN ONE DAY.

So, that means that you could actually make this for a set of twins on the day of their actual birthday when you realize that you forgot to get them something. HA! How perfect is that?

My neighbours are going to start to wonder why I keep asking dear cousin to take my picture outside in various summer outfits with winter accessories. I wouldn't blame them...
It looks pretty simple though... doesn't it? So you wonder why I had to tear it out? Well... it is simple. So simple, it hurts (in a good way, like a deep tissue massage).

BUT, I thought I would be clever and add extra stitches to the pattern to make it deeper. Silly me though refused to dip into a second skein and the result of my modification was that I had a cowl for a giraffe- not me.

In any case, this was one of the less dramatic rrrrrips of my knitting career and I am happy I sucked it up and did it. I tend to just chuck projects that need a tear into a closet and forget about them. Yup... I have a closet designated for such projects. When I need to go in there, I open and then close it REALLYFAST. It's not a place I like to linger much.

Things you wanna know?

Pattern- My Kinda Cowl by Trisha Woodson
Yarn- Magnum by Cascade Yarns
Needle- 12.75 mm
Ease Factor-So easy I was thinking of casting one on and knitting it while I sleep tonight.

Huh. In writing this post I realize that I actually have a set of very special twin friends with a birthday fast approaching... June 28th.

Oooohhh... relax Lynn. You've got loads of time.

So, I think I'll stop and enjoy the roses.

That's what I do.


Anonymous said...

You're so funny Lynn! I always get a good laugh when you got a new post up.
Love your cowl and I still can't believe how fast the project was! Not to mention it's a beautiful colour choice!

FinnSpirit said...

Love this Lynn! Awesome colour. Think this is something I need to tackle! See you sometime soon! :)