Friday, November 18, 2011

Keeping It Real (Warm) in London Town

Lucky me has just arrived home from spending a week in London with my bitsy sister Emma. (She moved there the weekend of the Royal Wedding and has no immediate plans to come home- after my week with her, I can see why).

In an attempt to be the least offensive house guest I can be, I thought I'd kick off our week together 'in style' by presenting her with one of the mega-chunky-cowls that I just can't seem to get enough of. (Don't believe me??? Click here and here for some pretty solid evidence).

And so I have for you, a photo essay of us in London, with our cowls.

(Yeah... we're totally huge losers for wearing the same cowl in the same city on the same day... but since she's a waaaay faster walker than me -note the height difference-, I don't think that anyone noticed as we were rarely seen side by side).

We have 'turtle necks' alright!

 How about a round of 'Name that Bridge'?

Emma at Borough Market (our keens eyes sadly didn't spot our favorite chef shopping for ingredients on Saturday morning- BOO!)

Emma giving me a lesson in how to lock her fancy blue door. (She's the safest she'll ever be inside of that flat, let me tell you!)

Glamour shot on the Millenium Bridge.

Dumb tourist shot in front of St. Paul's Cathedral (just moments before we saw Mayor Boris trot by in a fancy red and gold carriage).

Emma enjoying her chorizo sandwich after strolling the Columbia Road flower market.

And myself doing... much the same.

Need a hostess gift?

Look no further my friends.

This chunky cowl has got you covered.