Thursday, May 05, 2011

He Is A Patient Man

It's done. My boyfriend's Christmas gift is done. And it's May, and the flowers are popping, and the tree buds are about to burst... and it's done. The most shocking part of all of this? He's still my boyfriend. (I might have bailed if I had to wait that long for my gift). Especially since... now it's warm outside and he has no use for it, I am keeping it hostage at the shop as a sample. (HA! I just KNOW that I am going to jinx something here. He won't be my boyrfiend for much longer if I don't hand over that Christmas gift!)

I woke the model from his beauty sleep. 

In any case, I am thrilled with this project because of it's simplicity. The man is my life is not into frills and ruffles (how DO we get along, you ask?) but is the most practical and classic kinda guy going. Think button up shirts and sweater vests, with the odd pair of hand knit socks. (Again... how DO we get along? I am wearing DAY GLOW nail polish today! Not classic. Not practical. It's going to cause a traffic accident today. I can feel it.)

So with this project, our personalities were able to meet half way. A practical set of winter accessories for this climate (well, our December climate) with some colour blocking to hold my interest all whilst being knit in the most squishy and soft yarn out there.

The yarn? Filatura Di Crosa Zara. 100% merino.

If everyone in the world was taught to knit on this stuff, we would have a planet full of knitters.

Zara knits up the way I imagine a bag of jet puffed marshmallows would.

The pattern?
Pressed Rib Cap and Muffler by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.
(We've got this pattern at the shop).

The model?

No. Definitely not my boyfriend. It's my cousin/roomie.

And ladies???

He's looking for looooove.

I hope you're enjoying the Spring bulbs eeeeeeverywhere.

It finally smells like Spring out there.


Anonymous said...

You're hilarious! Just don't jinx it with a boyfriend sweater...