Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Trip to The Bermuda Triangle Via Denmark

Remember how I said that I was knitting to my work-out tunes and watching long movies just to get through those projects around Christmas time? Well this project my dear knitterly people, is what I was casting off as I was watching the final credits roll of The Great Escape.

This project I absolutely HAD to finish no matter what. Why? Because it was for my Mom, and I have given that poor woman more half-finished projects than I can count. I wanted to at least once in my life give her something that wasn't still on the needles. I am sure she is finding it rather tiresome that every holiday she gets just one sock, half of a scarf, or a promisary note wrapped up for her with my name on it. There was no question that I absolutely had to finish this.

So, I did.

Wearing scarves runs in my family.

What is it? The Bermuda Shawl by Ilga Leja
What did I knit it with? Kauni Effektgarn that I picked up on a family trip to Denmark 2 years ago.
What needles? Now you're asking me too many questions.
The model? My lovely cousin Nora who looks stellar in this. My mom was being camera shy- but I'll let her get away with it this time. She had just finished cooking a meal for 28 people. (And no, it wasn't Christmas. It was January 2nd. Who wants to cook for that many people on January 2nd???)

And the tag? It's hard to see, but is says 'Made With Love'. Cheesy? Maybe.
But true? Absolutely.

As for the boyfriend... his gift is still on the needles.
I'll have it done in time for next Christmas.



Carla said...

I love it! That is just gorgeous. I think I want to knit one too.

Meghan Chapman said...

ooh nice! It makes me trip out a little bit!

Anonymous said...

Amazing -- the purples and the greys blend beautifully! TK

Nadia said...

That is probably the coolest scarf I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

You reminded me thatI have that pattern and I bought wool at Mary's to knit it! Love this.