Friday, January 07, 2011

By Golly, She Likes It!

It's over. My tree is away, my presents have been presented and I was spoiled completely rotten myself. It's sort of a depressing feeling- isn't it?

I had a wonderful holiday (as I hope that you did too) although I didn't get through as much knitting as I had hoped (isn't that always the way?).

BUT- I have some posts for you that are mostly photos of gifts given.

And to top it all off??? You must recognize this project- and maybe even this person? Depends how long I've known you.

Here you have it.

My sister.


Stunning Emma... 

Who actually seems to love the cowl. (Her giant fake grin might not that express that, but the fact that this cowl stayed looped around her neck the entire holiday does).

Thaaaat's better. 

I know I've told you once, but there is nothing wrong with telling you again.

Patterns- Welted Cowl by John Brinegar, Vogue Knitting Holiday 2010
Yarn- Harmony 10 ply by Naturally
Needles- 5 mm needles Chiaogoo Red

Even the cat begged to be enveloped in this cowl. (I swear!)

This colour was just perfect for Harvey to not let him give it a try.

So the moral of the story here is that sometimes, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Too bad I'm usually just such a know it all.


Meghan Chapman said...

Emma looks delighted!

Haaavey, not so much