Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Even Tea Gets Cold

I have been knitting a lot lately. And it feels goooooood. Finishing up gifts (the boyfriend scarf just needs to be blocked), starting Spring (GASP!) sweaters for me and whipping through samples for the shop (sorta, kinda... don't get too excited to see them the next time you're visiting me there though. They might disappoint).

What popped off the needles most recently? you ask.

A tea cozy. Because at this time of year, we're not the only ones who need a little extra warmth.

I must confess that I am a little embarassed about who this is for, and when it was actually supposed to be given to them. Brace yourself, because if you thought that not having a Christmas gift done by this point in the year was bad... how about this for tardy knitting?

My dear friend Liz and her man Daryl got married on OCTOBER 2nd!!! That was... over 3 months ago! Christmas was only 3 weeks ago! (Doesn't it seem like forever ago though???)

As of October 2nd, I had the teapot, I had something to tuck into the teapot (I will be sure to leave a little note so that it doesn't get soaked in 100 degree water), and I had the body of this tea cozy made.

But for some reason... it took me 3 months to knit two i-cords.

Aiaiai... I tell myself that at least by this point, they have hopefully had a chance to find spots in their apartment to house all of their other gifts. Besides... I was waiting until tea drinking weather was in full swing.
Or at least, tea cozy weather was in full swing.

Besides, aren't you technically allowed one full year to give the happy couple their gift according to wedding etiquette? (Much like they are allowed one full year to write their thank-yous?)

I was just giving them a chance to get ahead on their thank you note writing.

The pattern? Kuryon Cozy by Emma Crew from
The yarn? Noro Kureyon- 2 balls
The needles? 4.5 mm double points and straights
The teapot? William Ashley Gourmet Shop. They have loads of super colours and it set me back only about $25.00.

Speaking of gift-giving. Remember these? Well the recipient also bloggity-blog-blogs.

My knitting is travelling all over cyberland these days it would seem.


Anonymous said...

I love it Lynn!! The colours and icord make it happen!

Kathleen said...

Oh, that is such a cute and comfy cozy! Plus, it's a great match for the teapot. I bet they will *love* it. Besides, I think the etiquette rule is that you have a year to give a couple their gifts. Or something like that.