Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who Said Wreaths Are Just for Christmas Anyway?

My mom has an Aunt named Helen who lives in North Bay and knits bitsy sweaters by the dozen. Not for babies, not even really for dolls. Just... because she wants to. And why not? When you've raised five kids who all managed to grow up into respectable adults, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Right?

Her daughter (my mom's cousin and my namesake), started to get her creative thought juices flowing when she realized just how many of them there actually were piling up in her mother's condo.

Well those thought juices were sweet because dear Cousin Lynn came up with a brilliant way to put some of those bitsy sweaters to good use.

One might want to make note that Cousin Lynn is actually the Queen of all things home decor.

And the best part? She surprised us by popping it in the mail for us! Well, actually- for my mom (since it was sent to her house, and not the shop), but I am going to take part ownership anyway. Joint custody perhaps?

And the cutest thing about this creation? Cousin Lynn designated a sweater to each one of my family members.
See the tags?


Funny... my 'wreath sweater' is in exactly the colour scheme I have on today. 

Hello french knots, blanket stitched cuffs and buttoned collars! I'm in loooooove with those little details.

And the yarn? Bits of sock yarn. Aunt Helen won't dip into a new ball of yarn for these creations, she'll just use up odds and ends. (If you have any scraps kicking around, we'll gladly send it up to North Bay for you and be sure they get put to good use).

And if you should happen to want to go on a bitsy-sweater-binge, I don't have this particular pattern (I don't even think that Aunt Helen does- she's just pretty clever), but I do have this to offer.

Feel free to embellish as you choose.

And remember all those pretty flowers that I finished my posts with last summer?

Well, this is what they looked like yesterday.

Stay warm dear knitters.

I would hate for this to happen to you.


Meghan Chapman said...


That is amazing, where can I buy one?

I'm not much of a decorator but I want a sweater wreath for my place!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Lynn

Hope your mom gave you a special wreath for your place! We sure love ours.

meowmeow2d said...

I came by the shop the other day and this totally caught my eye. It's sooooo cute! Cousin Lynn could also make cards with them.

Phyllis said...

I LOOOOVE those little sweaters. Exactly how many did Cousin Lynn find altogether?