Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seriously Lynn???

I had a week off recently and thought that I'd be oh-so-clever and get cracking on some Christmas gifts. I raided my stash, pulled some fun sock yarn from the deep depths and got rolling.

Much to my amazement, a pair was completed.

Cute enough.


Look closer.

I panicked, concerned that my knitting had become so inconsistent I couldn't even get socks to match anymore. Had I knit one before I had completely wound down from work that it was that much tighter? One sock representing my state of mind at the beginning of holidays... and one at the end?

HAH! No. (This realization was a bigger relief than you know!) It was just me getting bored with this project and itching like mad to start something new. I ended the second sock an entire repeat before the other (making it three fat stripes shorter).

Aiaiai...I am not convinced that my holiday did what it was supposed to.

I think it just made me even more daft than I was going into it.

Peaches anyone?


Anonymous said...

surely there's someone on your list with odd sized feet!
love it....

Meghan Chapman said...

ding dong!

Nice peaches!

Meghan Chapman said...

ding dong!

Nice peaches!