Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vonica The Valentine

Valentine's Day is my absolute #1 favorite holiday of the year. The red, the pink, the sugar- it's simply... the best. It has always been observed in my household with an excess of cinnamon hearts, cards and chocolate and wearing the colour red or pink (preferably both) is an absolute must. By the time mid-February rolls around, everyone could use a little 'lift' anyway, so we've always been sure to go 'all out'. (We're not skiiers, so what the heck else would be be doing mid-February!?!?!?)

This most recent Valentine's Day was an especially meaningful one for me however.

On February 14th, 1997, my Grandpa died. He suffered a stroke while out shopping for Valentine's goodies for all of us. I was 14 years old, and this Valentines' Day, I was 28. He always loved the holiday and it seemed somehow fitting that February 14th be the day he bid his final farewell.

This particular Valentine's Day marked the day that I have walked this earth with him, for just as long as I have walked without him- in the physical sense of course.
And so in true knitterly fashion, I felt that this called for a sweater.

My Grandpa was a maker of many things beautiful, and always encouraged my mom and her passion for knitting (which she has kindly passed down to me).

We often talk about what a shame it is that he never got a chance to see the shop. If he was still around, I can promise all of you regular customers that you would know him well. He would have made Mary's Yarns one of his regular hang outs- I'm sure of it.

He probably would have even fixed some of your shoe racks, repaired the broken wheel on your computer chair or built you a new coffee table. He was just that kind of person- always looking for a new project.

Sound familiar?

While I didn't choose this sweater because I thought that he would particularly love the pattern or the style... the colour however, was intentional.

It's red.
For Valentine's.

And every time I wear it, I will think of him.

Do I love the pattern and the style however?

Awwwww yeeeeeeah I do!

LOVE it.

I loved making it, and I love the final product.



I love it so much that my weird neck-muscle-things are popping out.

I'd say that this calls for a massive bowl of cinnamon hearts.

Wouldn't you?

Lord help me...
Dirty details?
I've got 'em.

Pattern- 'Vonica' by Bonne Marie Burns over at Chic Knits (You've done it again Bonne Marie... you've done it again...)

Yarn- 5 skeins of Berroco's Ultra Alpaca (you heard me... FIVE! And I have enough left over to make a hat- for sure!) in shade 6281 'Redwood Mix'

Needles- 4.5mm 60cm circular
4.5mm 80cm circular
4.5mm double pointed

So while I know that the Valentine's Day ship has sailed this year, I like to think of my tardiness as yet one more nod to my dear Grandpa.

He was a man who worked by his clock.

And if I want to celebrate Valentine's Day at the end of March...

I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind.


ms.tee.kay said...

such a lovely post!

Nadia said...

Double ditto to the previous comment!

And the sweater looks super fab too! I'm sure your grandpa would be thrilled :)

DFWKnitter said...

Beautiful Memories! Thank you for sharing, and your sweater turned out really lovely.

EC said...

Such a lovely post LC. You've done him proud I'm sure! xx

Anonymous said...

I know you're right, he would have loved the shop and all the yarn would have smelled of pipe tobacco. I always think of him whenever I smell it. What a lovely tribute to a gifted guy.

Michele said...

That is a beautiful sweater and an equally beautiful tribute to your much loved grandfather.

Phyllis said...

I love the sweater, Lynn, and I loved your remniscing. Your Grandpa WOULD have been a very regular visitor to the store.