Friday, April 13, 2012


So... Yeah.

I wasn't kidding when I said that I started another one.

As soon as I finished my colourful version of this exact same blanket two weeks ago, I felt pangs in my heart because I didn't want it to be over. So true to my word, I got right down to it.

In less than a week I had completed two of these. Record breaking- right? However, it did take a nice cup of tea and visit with my dear sister on Easter Monday to get around to sewing in all the ends on this one.

I opted for black and white not only because I was smitten with the photo of it on the Churchmouse Pattern, but also because I just wanted to try out a more affordable option. As much as I adore the colourful version, no matter what yarn you use, you need at least ten balls. That can be pricey even if worked out of the cheapest of the cheap yarn.

So here you have it.

Black and white.

My hairdresser became an aunt about a year ago and kindly visited the shop to pick up some supplies for the new babe. She worked away on a beautiful knitted blanket in some fabulously broad black and white stripes (as requested by her pregnant sister). While some might wince at the thought of such a stark contrast on their most precious wee one, people are digging it.

Myself included.

Looks a little bit like herringbone if you ask me.
And herringbone on a baby makes for one trendy little person.

Shall we call this 'herring-baby?'
Info (that you really actually already know if you read this about a week back).

Pattern- Churchmouse Yarns and Teas Vintage Crochet Blanket
Yarn- Berroco Comfort Worsted- only four balls! Two black, two white.
Hook size- 5mm despite the pattern telling me 4mm.

So to all of you crocheters out there...

Have a baby shower for a set of twins next week?

You can do it.

The babies will thank you.


Nadia said...

Love that blanket so much!!