Sunday, April 29, 2012

Could Baby Knitting Be My New Sock Knitting?

I have knit another baby sweater. And not anything especially new or exciting... just another version of one I've already knit.

I love it. Like... I love it a lot.
And I realized while knitting it, that I also love knitting baby things.

It satisfies that piece of my knitterly pie that socks satisfy. I can see progress quickly, I know it will get put to good use, and it's portable- easy to pick up and put down, then come back to.

Hers and His

As I was clicking away on this project however, I began to reflect on when exactly my last pair of socks came off the needles.The answer? Too long ago (aka just over two months ago).

I got worried that maybe my sock knitting had been replaced. It left me hoping and praying that maybe once the darling babe that I'm so anxiously waiting for arrives, my sock knitting will resume. (I've got some sets of feet to keep warm already!)

Earlier in the week however I had an invite to a friend's place. Knowing there would be some sitting around and chatting involved, I grabbed the nearest ball of sock yarn I could find (one needn't look too far in my place). I ran out the door and cast on.

And do you know what I discovered?

Much to my relief, my love of socks has most certainly not been replaced.

Why... Hello socks!

I've missed you terribly.


Unknown said...

Cute baby knits, but glad to hear socks are still on the knitting menu, somehow they just seem more of an achievement than other knits (to me!)

Truly Myrtle said...

You made me laugh! I love socks and I love baby things.... and I love feet and babies - who can choose?!