Thursday, December 08, 2011

'Super Cupcake' Indeed

I am going to start by saying that the name of the pattern I am about to share with you is called 'Super Cupcake'. I would be lying if I didn't admit that the name was the inital draw to the pattern.

Why? Well (if you must know), I like cupcakes -A LOT.

Then, a yarn arrived at the shop that I wanted to knit with (shocking, right?).

And then came an opportunity to sit in a car for four hours as a passenger (Oh Motor City, how we love thee).

By the end of the drive there and back (well, plus maybe a bit more time on the couch to be perfectly honest with you...) my very own 'Super Cupcake' of the fat free variety was born.

Cowl and hat.

Easy as pie, simple as punch, cute as a cupcake on a birthday.

All I need is a cape to take this to the next 'Super Cupcake' level.
('Super Duper Cupcake' perhaps?)

Gift giving season? HAH! Hilarious.

I'm keeping this puppy all to my greedy little self.
(Judge all you want. You'd do it too if you gave these accessories a squeeze).

Pattern- Super Cupcake by Bonne Marie Burns over at Chic Knits
Yarn- Cascade Eco Cloud in shade 1802- two skeins for the cowl, one for the hat (if your math is anything like mine, you'll be curious to know that equals three skeins total)
Needles- 4.5 mm and 5 mm, both 60 cm circular

Three cheers for Shaker Rib!

And three more for bolts of Liberty fabric.


craftedlandscape said...

I just love this ensemble. It would make such a nice outdoor 'outfit' in the blahs of winters when outfits are tough to accomplish. AND it goes with every jacket you own. I might have to try a set for myself, however, I have already stolen two of you other knit projects this season. I just love these!