Friday, December 30, 2011

Keeping Mother Mary Warm This Winter

Not much Christmas knitting happened this year for me. I knit these, and I knit those, but that's old news to you. I had good intentions (I always do), but then that sweater took over my entire knitting life which left me with little time to crank out much else.

That is until... I came across this lovely little project.

We have had these kits at the shop for a while, and everyone who knits one raves about it, and usually casts on a second one no time after the first one is finished.

After knitting one myself, I can see why.

I'm still not sure if it's the hustle and bustle of the holidays that has left me a little brain dead, or that big ol' sweater, but in any case, this was the perfect project to get me back on my knitting track.

Quick, inspiring and just oh-so-super soft. (Seriously... it's living at the shop for a while and you're welcome to pop by and have a squeeze).

I like to knit for my mom at Christmas (knitting is sort of our 'thing', you know? It's what we do), and these days, I try to knit something other than socks (I save those for Mother's Day). This Christmas was looking like it was going to be a Chapters gift card until about December 10th when I finally kicked it into high gear, wound the yarn, and knit like the wind.

By Christmas Eve, it was in a box, wrapped up in some pretty paper and I even managed to slap a sweet little bow on there. The best part? I wasn't feeling stressed about it and my shoulders weren't in agony from too much midnight knitting. This project just seemed to sort of fall off the needles.

Good thing too because now that it's finally cold, that woman is going to need this. Her house is absolutely freezing, and I don't even feel the cold the way that she does. Better bundle up mother!

There is no such thing as 'too much' fringe

Info you may want to know.

Pattern- Mountain Colors Warm and Wooly Throw Trio (I did the Easy knitted Throw)
Yarn- It's a kit! But in that kit there are four yarns as follows
-Mountain Colors Mohair
-Mountain Colors Moguls
-Mountain Colors Merino Goat
-Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon
Colourway- Harvest
Needles- 8 mm Chiaogoo bamboo

And just a wee piece of advice to those that might want to knit this. I followed the pattern exactly, but the kind people over at Mountain Colors are more than generous with the amount of yarn in the kit. If I were to knit this again, I would most definitely add one more repeat.

So dear knitters, I hope that the holidays have left you feeling all warm inside- whether you have a new throw to cuddle up under or not.

The end of December means that it's finally time to knit for ourselves.

So, get cracking already!
What are you waiting for?


Nadia said...

I love it! Just LOOKING at those colours makes me feel warm and cozy! I bet your mom is crazy about this one! Perhaps I should cast one on too! Though kit-less and without any Mary's of my own, I might need to improvise and try to switch up the materials list a little bit :/