Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Fake Knitting Isn't As Bad As It Sounds

I must start this by saying that BOO! My camera sucks garbage.

Then I must tell you (before you get too excited) that I cannot take credit for the knitting I am about to share with you (nor can anyone at Mary's for that matter).

BUT- I just had to show and tell a little something something.

First off- cute buttons. Right? I know. I love them.

Next up- cute sweater. Right? Yeah. I know that too. (See how fun it is to be cocky about other people's knitting?)


Too cute for words.

My sister was doing a grocery shop at Loblaws when she happened upon the Joe Fresh aisle and scored a pair of these for a whopping $9.00. Sadly they weren't her size, but they were the inspiration behind this whole little get-up.

Look real close at how amazingly even those stitches are...

Details I want to share with you.

Knitter- My brother's friend in Ridgetown, Ontario, Janice.
Yarn- Duett by Sandnesgarn in shade 3381.
Pattern- A sweet little Sandnesgarn pattern leaflet (the number I forget...)

Does anyone else feel the excitment for Valentine's Day growing like I do?

It must be the heart motif in those fake knit pants...


Anonymous said...

oh so sweet!