Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Bit 'O Baby To Lift Those Spirits

Is all of this disgusting brown snow getting you down?

I hear you people.

Maybe this will help.

Ladybugs on a baby sweater?

Oh, yes please!

Yarn- Sirdar Tiny Tots
Pattern- Sirdar pattern #388
Knitter- Ben's dear friend Janice- thumbs up!

But if you're one of those heartless people out there who thinks that baby sweaters are stupid.

Have some left-over Vday candy.

That should do the trick.

Can you see the spoon? Yup. I eat the stuff like cereal.

Then you can join me as I nurse the worst sugar hang-over in LIFE.
(Serves you right for thinking baby sweaters are stupid).

Oh Valentine's....