Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hold on While I Fetch my Tarot Cards from my Purse

I was minding my own business in the shop one day, when this pesky little ball of red mohair kept whispering to me 'Hey Lynn.... Come knit with me! You'll have SO much fun- I proooo-mise!'

At about 2:00 pm, I could hold out no longer. I had been wanting to knit a headband that might suggest I tell fortunes on the side, and this red mohair would be perfect.

Despite wanting to stand my ground against that little ball of mohair, when no one was looking, I caved.

Thank goodness I did because now I have something that no wardrobe should be without!

This is me telling fortunes at the local dive

Even cousin likes the headpiece enough to wear on a parking lot patio
As I was working away on this lovely accessory, the thought ran through my head on occassion that possibly I should be working on something a little more marketable. Shop samples are needing to be knit and my summer tank selection is rather grim. However, my doubts were cast aside the day I came home from work only to find the March 2010 Anthropolgie catalogue in my mailbox.
Someone was snooping in my knitting bag I see...

Yarn Deets- Naturally Mist (only took 1 ball!)
Needle- 4mm
Pattern- Cast on 45 stitches. Knit in 3x3 rib until you have made a piece long enough to fit around your noggin'.
Cast off.
Sew the ends together.

Cast on 21 stitches and knit in 1x1 rib until it is about 3" long.
Cast off.
Wrap this small piece around the part where you seamed the headpiece and seam ends together..

Wear proudly and charge a quarter to read people's tea leaves at Starbucks.

And lastly, I usually can't resist stuff like this.
I was greeted by this precious little bunch of Spring-time love when I arrived at the shop on Saturday.
Spring is here cats.
I may have to put my fortune telling on hold until Fall.
Nobody likes heat stroke.


Anonymous said...

oh goodness - that is adorable!


angel said...

so cute! Love it, Lynn!!