Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Beret

I woke up yesterday morning, marched out my front door and right into this tree in blossom. HELLO MOST PERFECT WAY TO START MY DAY! I promptly kicked off my socks and popped on my golden summer shoes. Does it get any better?

Answer: OH YES IT DOES! Just when I thought things couldn't be improved upon I sashayed into the shop and found THIS! Which I ALSO quite promptly popped on my body and wore around despite the heat. Amazing how I will kick off my boots the second the sun shines, but I see freshly knitted goods, and I would wear a Lopi sweater in August. Or, in this case a merino beret in April.
What gives?

In any case, this beaded beret was made by my mother dearest, who also felt inspired to channel her inner Jared Flood and do a 'shoot in the gahhhhden with me'.

At this time of the year- who needs to keep their ears warm? Bad hair days happen all year round... so why wouldn't we need a wee beret to mask that? I might need one to keep in my purse for those emergency fly-away kinda hair days.

Pattern? Churchmouse Classics Beaded Beret.
Yarn? 2 skeins (just BARELY two) of Shibui Sock.
Needles? I... don't know. I didn't knit it. Roughly about a 3.25mm would be my guess???
Mods? Mother Mary added 12 extra stiches because small heads don't run in our family. If you do as your told, 1 skein should do the trick.

In case you're confused- no, that's not me. That's the original pattern.
Three cheers for Spring time accessories that are knitted!


craftedlandscape said...

so where are your golden summer shoes? i wanted to see them with the merino beret.
love the hat.

Anonymous said...

congrats to Mother dearest!
tres chique !
i concur with heather,
where are the golden shoes?

Anonymous said...

helga has called it -- tres chique indeed!


Anonymous said...

maybe she's still knitting them?!!