Friday, September 25, 2009

Shown and Told

Dear Knitters,

Our first annual 'Show and Tell' has come and gone and I just want to thank you all so much. I am still flying from the event, running over the stories and projects through my mind. What a treat to have you all in one room!

I was so pumped the whole night, that I neglected to snap any photos. Forgive me for this, but I seem to feel that photos wouldn't have quite captured it anyway. I beg of you to use your imagination please.

Since a post is just not a post without photos, I have one for you I've been meaning to share for a while.

This was taken on a family trip this summer to a cabin up north.

See that?

Yup. I think it's a water dwelling knitting needle plant. (Look real close there.)

Did I mention that on that same trip I came across this plant(s), I also got a fishing license and caught dinner?

Man. Did I ever feel like I could hack it on my own anywhere.



I had to get someone else to bait my hook, but you didn't need to know that- right?


Anonymous said...

The First Annual Show and Tell was a fantastic opportunity to chat with others and see some really great projects.
Loved the munchies, Mary!