Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cats in Hats

My family members and myself are churning out hats at a fabulous rate these days. Why wouldn't we? We get a wee nip of coolish air and then BOOF! The needles start smoking.

Allow me to 'show and tell' for you.
(I've got 'show and tell' on the brain).

This hat?
Cover of Vogue Knitting, Fall 2009- size large with one extra repeat of pattern.
This yarn?
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino- 2 balls.
This knitter?
Me Ma.
This cat?
Sister #2 (I'm talking birth order here- not preference)

You could have the pouffiest hair-do EVER and it would still pouf, even after having this hat on your head.
I love that.
Most days... Some days that hair of mine needs a little taming.

Hat numero deux.

This hat? From a Sandnesgarn hat book.
This yarn?
2 balls of Sandnesgarn Smart.
This knitter?
This cat?
Sister #1.

Ugh-huh checkerboard!

This pup needs a pompom I think.

And this is only because there won't be many more pictures like this one.


Keep those hats handy!


Anonymous said...

Ive been thinking of these hats lately too. Soon enough they will staples in the wardrobe again. Habit.
Woot woot.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos!
lovely sisters!
great hats!

Anonymous said...

Those berets are addictive! A (another)hat book? Guess what I'm getting next visit!