Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photos Anyone?

I have an idea. If I were to attempt to write out everything I saw and did at the Sock Summit, 'blogger' would likely kick me off their site for rambling incessantly.

So, how about... a photo montage? With captions and wee notes about what you're looking at?
Would that work? Pictures are worth a thousand words so allow me to condense your reading material for the day. I think this might be the best way to give you a sense of what was going on over in Portland last week.

SO- here we go!

First off, I present to you, the lovely Meg Swansen (my new hero) and her assistant Amy Detjen. (This photo was taken shortly after those Barbara Walker tears were shed).

Is there anything this duo can't do? They've been together for 18 years.
That's an anniversary worth celebrating!


Do you not love Meg's adoring look?
They're in this for the long haul.

Now, that's... me. With my moccasin sock.
There will be no close-up shots of this sock because frankly, it's terrible workmanship. But man-oh-man, was I ever happy regardless!

Can't you tell?

And man! I even picked colours to match the wild carpet!

Do you know what I'm holding? A Wearable Art stocking that (I do believe) Meg made with her own two hands. Again, I shall refrain from showing you in close detail my version of this sock because it's such atrocious knitting. I was distracted by stories from Meg and Amy, the fact that Barbara Walker was sitting behind me and all the lovely new knitters surrounding me... BUT- again I stress, I had a hoot making it.

OK- it's only getting better. This is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Arch Shaped Stocking that Meg made and Lynn (yes, ME) is wearing.
I wore such an appropriate outfit for the occasion.
Wouldn't you say?
If only there was a mate... I just might have marched right outta that room.
I guess they suspected that some awful person just might do that... hence the fact they only brought one.
I looked like a suspect the second I walked into that room wearing a pencil skirt. I just know it.

And here is the cherry on the top of the really delicious cake... Lynn, Barbara Walker and Tara (my trusty travel companion and photographer). Does she just not look like the toughest cookie on the block???
Yeah, I'm referring to both Tara AND Barbara of course.

See the pink socks in Barbara's lap? She was getting into the spirit of things.
What a good sport.
In fact, the Yarn Harlot has a picture of her wearing these pink beauties all finished up.

And lastly, I leave you with this.

I'll let you take what you want from that one.

Next post, I promise you show you something that I actually knit, and am not ashamed to share with you.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this! One note -- those arch-shaped stockings were knit by (drumroll please) EZ. They were gifted to Meg when she was a teenager.


Anonymous said...

what a great idea to post photos!
...wearing a sock made by EZ...OMG !!!
thanks again for the yarn! you saved my bacon,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Lynn. Wish I'd been there......
Sounds like it was a blast.